Please, don’t be that customer

Anny Haro, Contributor

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Today many millennials are starting their first jobs at a young age where they don’t have any experience. Thankfully there are many entry level jobs that service customers in the food or retail industry that require little to no experience. Sounds great, right? Discounts on your favorite brands, free food, etc., but it’s the people that you’ll run into everyday at your job that make your day somewhat unpleasant. Having worked in retail for four years, I’ve had my fair share of servicing these unpleasant customers. I think many would agree, especially those who have been, or are in my shoes, that it’s time to call those customers out and tell them how we really feel, with a smile of course.

Morning shifts are the best. You get to come in early, set up and prepare everything for the wonderful people that will come in and shop all of your clothing and shoes. As employees we get told to greet every customer, make them feel welcomed, and ensure their shopping experience is one to remember. I do this by simply greeting every customer with “good morning! How are you doing?” Most customers will acknowledge me and respond back. However, there are always those customers that will walk by as I greet them and completely ignore me. It is extremely unsatisfying being ignored when you’re just trying to be friendly. Please, don’t be that customer.

Whoever said “there is no such thing as a stupid question” must have never worked retail. Yes, there are some customers that ask genuine questions like when the next sale is or what time the store closes on weekends. But of course, not all questions are like that. For example, most clothing stores will differentiate their clearance items and their regular priced items by putting a red sticker on the clearance items. Also, in many stores, things get misplaced in the wrong sections; it happens. But some customers love to point that out. “I found this shirt in the clearance section, so that means it’s on sale right?” No, it actually doesn’t, especially when that shirt doesn’t have a red sticker indicating that it’s clearance or on sale. Like I said, items can get misplaced all the time. “If these shorts don’t have a price tag, can I get it for free?” No, you actually can’t. Price tags get pealed and pulled off all the time. Give us two minutes to print out a new price tag and you’ll be good to go, but please don’t be that customer.

Ringing up certain customers can sometimes be challenging. For example, when customers are called up to the next available register to purchase their items, many love to just throw all their items on the counter and have the employee go through their pile. Please, just hand your items to us if you can’t organize them in an orderly fashion. It’ll speed up the process, I promise. When it comes to a customer swiping or inserting their card to pay for their items, they tend to get a little antsy when their card gets declined. They are convinced that there is something wrong with the card readers when most of the time it’s just because they forgot to make a payment on their card. It’s fine; pay with another card and let’s move on. Lastly, when asked if they would like their receipt with them or in the bag, many customers reply with “yes.” Please, don’t be that customer.

At the end of the day, we as employees really do want to provide the best customer service as possible. Although some people make that a challenge for us, we still just want to help you in any way we can. So just a few friendly reminders for those retail shoppers, just say “good morning” back or a simple smile will work too. Remember that items get misplaced all the time throughout the store and end up in the wrong sections. If you accidentally, or purposely, drop an item on the floor, pick it up because we saw you drop it. But most importantly, just don’t be that customer.

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Please, don’t be that customer