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Brewing Up Opportunities

Recent University event highlighted the growing demand for industry-specific jobs in craft brewing.

Careers in beers spark interest in students of California universities.

Careers in beers spark interest in students of California universities.

Careers in beers spark interest in students of California universities.

Mary Pace, Contributor

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After graduating from Cal State LA, Stephen Dorame found his life taking an unexpected twist.

At the time, he was working in a bartending position, when, by luck, he received the opportunity to work at Arts District Brewery in Downtown Los Angeles. Today, he is now the Sales and Events Manager for Arts District Brewery.

Dorame’s story is one of many, as entrepreneurs continue to develop a career fields that they are passionate in.

The California Craft Brewers Association recently reported that there are over 900 throughout the state. As a result, California State University campuses are gearing up students to work in the rapidly growing field.

According to Hazel Kelly’s report on the CSU System’s news on careers, the beer industry will only keep growing:

“Nationally, craft brewers saw a 5 percent rise in volume in 2017, even while the total beer market dropped 1 percent.” 

With the rise of brewing companies, careers with degrees such as food nutrition, chemistry, engineering, accounting, communications and various others are essential and attractive to business owners.

San Diego State offers a program called the “Business of Craft Beer” certification, which helps students speak the language of brewing business and marketing. 

In Fresno State, “Brew U” offers three non-credit courses that educate home brewers who have an interest in a career within the craft beer industry. They also take pride in having Arthur Moye, the CEO of Full Circle Brewing Co., as an instructor for the University’s program.

Last Wednesday, Cal State LA’s Career Development Center hosted an event called “Careers in Brewery”.

The event highlighted various careers that can be found in over 700 breweries in California. 

The event’s panel consisted of entrepreneurs passionate about their brewery careers including:

Stephen Dorame and Devon Randall from Arts District Brewing Company, and Dan Shapiro and Renee Rubin from A and S Brewing. 

For Devon Randall, Head Brewer for Arts District Brewing Company, a career in beer brewing also came unexpectedly: 

“I graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Mass Communications; I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I’ve worked at a bar since I was 21; once I got into brewery, it got my foot in the door with another. When Arts District Brewing opened, there came an opportunity to take a job with them.” 

Renee Rubin, Admin and Operations Manager at A and S Brewing, talked about her duties and the details of running a brewery: 

“From my standpoint, I take care of everything from front to end. You have to have accountability for beer, especially in the State of California, and we pay taxes. The interesting thing about my role is I wear a lot of hats–responsibilities.” 

The event attracted various students from majors ranging from marketing to industrial technology. 

Karolina Montenegro-Bashore, a marketing major, was eager to learn about the brewery business:

“I heard about the event through an email. I’m interested that there’s an operational manager in the panel and I want to know more about the operational and supply chain side of the brewery business.”

Lucas Cuny, the Events and Communications Coordinator at Cal State LA’s Career Center, encouraged students to attend the events offered to them:

“We are going to do more events like this that’s industry-specific to open doors for students. As you saw today, we need everybody for everything.”

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Brewing Up Opportunities