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Eco-Friendly Addition to ASI

Mya Taylor, Contributing Writer

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The Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) committee gave a warm welcoming to their newest member Ugbad Farah on the Feb. 14. It was a unanimous decision to welcome her onto the team; the ASI committee agreed that she was qualified for a member position.

While studying for her masters degree in environmental research, Farah will be serving as the acting internal committee member for environmental policy; a role that aligns with her experience as well as her interest of science and policy.

When asked what issues were prevalent in reference to Cal State LA’s environmental policies, Farah addressed issues of recycling and lack of educational outreach programs that promote environmental literacy. According to Farah, these are ideas that can help alleviate environmental strain while allowing students and faculty to become more involved in environmentally friendly efforts.

Farah also proposed future collaborations with biologist, chemist and naturalist clubs that were supported by committee members.

According to the ASI Board of Directors, there are vacant positions still accepting applications. Students looking to become a productive addition to the ASI team are encouraged to apply. There are information tables organized around campus to help inform students while encouraging involvement with interactive social and environmental justice efforts.

In addition to a discussion of progressive environmental issues, several policies were critiqued in a prior meeting to have adjustments petitioned.

Policies 017, 210, 216 and 225 of the Cabinet of Commissioner Code Procedure were all mildly modified. Modifications included but were not limited to: policy name changes, the granting of social media access and specified required complicity in relation to administrative procedures.

ASI meetings are held bi-weekly and have been intentionally left open to the public. Participation for non-members is optional but welcomed, and allotted time slots are available for non-members to voice their concerns or opinions.

ASI president Johnson encouraged her co-members to continue connecting all students with resources to promote their academic success.

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