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Smoke-Free Campus: Healthier For All

Nareis Melkon

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Smoke-Free Campus: Healthier For All

As the end of the quarter approaches, more students light their cigarettes on campus to relieve their stress.

However, some of these students are smoking in areas that are not part of the designated areas for smoking. Why doesn’t anyone say anything to those students?

At Cal State LA there isn't a smoking policy that restricts the smokers to the designated smoking areas, but nobody seems to be enforcing the policy or taking any actions against those who violate it.

Ivet Morales, fourth year student, Psychology major, argues, “I don’t appreciate when people who smoke walk in front of me and I get to smell their nasty second-hand smoke all the way to class. It’s just unhealthy and bad especially for those who have asthma or other illnesses.” Eduardo Garcia, fourth year, Television, Film, and Media major expresses his opinion about the issue. Garcia states, “I would like a smoke-free campus, but it would be unfair to people who do smoke.” Well, it is also unfair to those who do not smoke, but becoming a smoke-free campus will benefit both the smokers and non-smokers at the end of the day.

According to American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation, as of October 2014, “There are 1,477 in the nation that are 100 percent smoke-free campuses.” The only representative of CSUs among the smoke-free campuses is Cal State Fullerton, which implemented the smoke-free policy on August 1st of 2013. 

It’s no surprise to anyone that smoking is unhealthy for people and to our environment. Due to the drought and the loss of plants, the amount of oxygen made is significantly less than the dioxide carbon, which is a recipe for bad air quality for students and faculties.

Becoming a smoke-free campus will also prevent students from attempting to smoke any other drugs that could easily be put in a cigarette.

On top of that, if Cal State LA starts giving fines to students for smoking on campus, the school will generate an additional revenue. This action could possibly make students to not at least smoke on Cal State LA premises, which will leave them with some extra money in their pocket.

Aside from that, we are neighbors with high school students. Cal State LA could set a better example for them.

According to Cal State LA’s Environmental, Health and Safety website, “Our vision is to conduct campus activities in a manner which meets or exceeds all applicable safety, health and environmental standards.” UT along with some students from Cal State LA are hopeful to witness a smoke-free campus in near future.

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Smoke-Free Campus: Healthier For All