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Thank you for not smoking

Kevin Gann

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Cal State Los Angeles has many rules regarding student’s safety, and most students follow those rules. However, when it comes to smoking on campus there are blurred lines that begin to come up. While some students smoke on campus, others do not. There is constant talk regarding students smoking near building entrances here no smoking signs are clearly visible. 

Student Craig Donaldson, a Business major, believes that the issue is happening constantly, “I constantly see students smoke near other students, in halls, and near classrooms, and this issue seems to be getting worse. I once saw a student smoking in front of a no smoking sign, so it is ridiculous.” 

Smoking is a topic that has been debated for years, and students should be concerned when others are smoking in prohibited areas. With secondhand smoke becoming increasingly apparent, students should report the incidents or make others aware of the school rules. Jamie Bell, a Microbiology major, admitted to smoking in a prohibited area, but still continues to do so. “It is convenient to smoke right before I head into the building; I have been smoking in prohibited areas and have never been told by campus police or students to put out my cigarette.” 

Maybe students are afraid to tell a stranger to move to a designated area to smoke or are unaware of the rules on campus. Whatever the reason may be, students should realize that inhaling the cigarette smoke has life-threatening health risks. According to, “There are over 20 million smoking-related deaths in the United States since 1964; over 2.5 million of those deaths were among non-smokers who died from exposure to secondhand smoke." 

According to Cal State Los Angeles Campus Police Officer Lucia Dumas, “The campus police patrol the school at all times of the day for infractions, smoking in undesignated areas is one of those. We don’t receive too many calls regarding students smoking in prohibited areas, but students are welcome to call the campus police and file a claim immediately.” 

Campus police encourages students to report any smoking incidents to them when they first see it. Students can call 323-343-3700 to report any infractions taking place on campus, or may ask any questions regarding smoking on campus. It is up to the students to make others aware of the campus rules and tell campus police when rules are being broken. Smoking affects us all, even when we do not smoke.

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Thank you for not smoking