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Portfolium aims to connect students to jobs

A new CSU initiative sets out to help students connect with alumni

Pablo De La Hoya

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The Cal State system released a new effort to help students connect with potential employers through a new web-based program named Portfolium. Portfolium is a lot like LinkedIn but it is free for students to submit résumés to potential employers.

Portfolium also allows students to set up a portfolio through their system using many different programs such as YouTube and PowerPoint.

This new system was made available to Cal State LA students beginning on March 21st via a campus wide email with an access code to activate accounts. This isn’t the only program Cal State LA offers to students free of charge, but this is exciting for soon to be graduates.

Senior Television, Film and Media Studies major, Yzzy Gonzalez says,

“I’m excited for it, but it feels a lot like LinkedIn,” said senior TVFM major, Yzzy Gonzalez. “It’s new and is a great opportunity for students to connect them to internships and jobs.”

The Portfolium system does work a lot like LinkedIn and offers similar ways to get your résumé out, but it is free and promises to always be free. Portfolium’s aims to showcase your work more than your résumé and is a productive new idea for many students who constantly put out projects. This now allows students to have somewhere to put their work as opposed to letting it drift to the abyss.

The Alumni Association helped the process of bringing this program to Cal State LA and is very excited for the results it will bring to students. An associate explains that they are waiting to receive more data before releasing further details. They are excited for the efforts made through Portfolium to connect current students with recent graduates.

The idea of connecting current students with recent graduates is exciting for those in the job market. This opens many doors for students with their peers that have found success if they can offer it for current students.

One of the exciting features is the simplicity of getting your work out there along with your résumé. Portfolium gives new and effective ways to show your work using examples in Fashion, Geology and Geography. Students can upload photographs and graphs to detail their work and create an immersive presentation for prospective employers.

Portfolium is a great new tool for students that allow employers to see work produced as opposed to just a sheet of paper with prior experience and current GPA. Taking advantage of this new program is fairly easy as well. Just look for the email sent out by the campus to activate your account and get started!

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Portfolium aims to connect students to jobs