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Kristina Garcia and Becca Wright, Contributor

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Cal State LA’s Student Dietetic Association (SDA) is a student organization comprised of students in the Nutritional Science Department. Our school has three nutrition programs: an undergraduate Bachelor of Science, a Master of Science, and a coordinated program which includes both a master’s degree and a year-long, full-time internship. Students that complete this internship are eligible to become registered dietitians. Cal State LA is the only public university in California to have a Coordinated Dietetic Program.

The most common question nutritional science students are asked is, “Are you going to be a nutritionist?” We dislike this question because the term “nutritionist” is essentially meaningless; there is no definition of what a title of “nutritionist” entails. A registered dietitian (RD), on the other hand, has completed years of coursework at an accredited university, a 1,200 hour internship, has passed a national board exam, and usually holds a master’s degree.  The path to become an RD is extremely difficult and strenuous.  On top of taking challenging science courses as students, we must do service learning hours for several of our classes, be involved in extracurricular activities, be well-rounded with experience in the field, and serve our community; all while holding competitive GPAs simply to be considered for a dietetic internship.  The internships are competitive and, on average, only half of the applicants that apply each year get accepted.

Classes in nutrition teach us the evidence-based science of nutrition. In a world where you can Google your health and nutrition questions, it is important to know which sources have content that adheres to strict scientific guidelines. If there are any specific questions or topics you would like us to cover, please email the editors, Kristina Garcia and Heather Snow at

The SDA wishes you all a productive and healthy semester!

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