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Turmoil within Trump’s Cabinet

The nation continues to question the authenticity of Trump presidency

Kyle Frizol, Intern

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Throughout the week, President Trump and his cabinet continued battling the judicial branch over their adverse decision to deny power to the President on his immigration ban. In addition to his nationwide battle for power, Trump’s cabinet began to feel the pressure of covering up a scandal originating with the Chief Secretary and trickling down to the Vice President and even the President himself. As of today, two nominees for Trump’s cabinet have stepped down amidst pressure to relieve themselves of office contention as a result of leaked calls between the White House and Russia. Finally, after meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, Trump took time to properly address the controversy and allegations facing his presidency.

Trump’s national Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, stepped down last Monday amidst allegations that he misled the presidential administration of Russian communications. As the former Senior Advisor to the President, Flynn improperly communicated information regarding his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. This communication left the U.S. vulnerable to blackmail from Russia, prompting temporary after being investigated by the judicial department, Flynn officially announced his resignation, signifying one of the shortest terms of a senior presidential adviser in history.

However, as news of Flynn’s resignation began to spread, Trump took opportunity to point out the lack of attention regarding the ease that news leaked out of Washington.

“The real story here is why there are so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington? Will these leaks be happening as I deal on North Korea, etc?” he stated on Twitter.

On Wednesday, Trump met with Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel. During their meeting, Trump spoke of a “great peace deal”, according to New York Times. However, he questioned Netanyahu’s intentions in the Middle East through Israel’s settlement building in highly violence prone areas.

Continuing, Trump’s nominee for Labor Secretary, Andrew Puzder, stepped down and withdrew amidst allegations that his treatment of his workers at his fast food chain was poor and did not warrant a reason as to why he should represent the American worker.

On Thursday, Trump spoke with the press for over an hour, addressing the allegations between Russia and the U.S. that pointed to corruption within his cabinet. However, Trump defended his administration, taking time to note that the Russian controversy was nothing more than “fake news.” During his press conference, Trump also confronted the media, accusing the multiple outlets present of fueling their agendas on “hatred.”

As the fourth week of President Donald Trump’s administration unfolded, controversy and allegation took the main stage in the narrative that is his presidency. Through two withdrawals within the cabinet, increased pressure to publicly state his motives, and his interactions with foreign leaders, Trump continued to develop his platform even as his popularity ratings continued to decrease.

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Turmoil within Trump’s Cabinet