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If it Looks Good, Eat It!

Fried insects on the Mariner’s menu

Edward Saldana, Contributor

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The world offers a seemingly infinite amount of culinary choices. These foods come from many different cultures. When people judge food, they judge by the appearance before they taste it. To their surprise the food may taste good. A new dish has made headlines earlier in the month. The Major League Baseball (MLB) team, the Seattle Mariners has released the “Fried Grasshopper.”

On opening day of MLB, there were over 300 Fried Grasshoppers sold at the Mariners game. The total weight of the dish is 13 lbs. It was sold by itself or even put in tacos for the bargain price for four dollars. The lines for this unique food were longer than the lines for beer and hot dogs. At the end of the day, they sold out of every Fried Grasshopper.

Los Angeles is itself a very diverse city. There are unlimited types of food to try. The big question is, “Would  fried grasshoppers make their way to Los Angeles?” There are people who would try them and there are people who wouldn’t go near them.

I asked students around campus to see if they would try the Mariner’s fried grasshopper. Seang Saephan, an undergraduate TVF major, said “Honestly I would. I grew up in a family tradition and culture where we ate some really bizarre foods.”

Saephan also thinks that fried grasshopper can make its way to Los Angeles. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this item comes to Southern California. A Cal State LA student nearby exclaimed that he “would also give it a try!”

Victoria Saldana an undergraduate arts major, says “I would try it, it is something different. Grasshopper is not an everyday food, but it looks like it is going to be on high demand.  Then there are  always people who will be too scared to go near it.”

I asked a fellow TVF major, Ema Avalos about trying the fried grasshoppers. Her response was plain and simple, “I would never.” Another Cal State LA student, Manuel Hernandez, agrees with Ema. “There are a lot of foods from all over the world; although as much as I like food, I wouldn’t want to try grasshopper.”

There were definitely mixed opinions about this strange dish. It is important to remember however, to not knock it until you try it. There has always been a tactic used by parents when trying to make their kids try different foods. They simply don’t tell them what the food is until they try it and then tell them after the fact.

Fried Grasshopper has started to make its way to a second Major League team. The Houston Astros have decided to give fried grasshoppers a try. Based on the results in Seattle, we can assume that Houston will greatly profit. There are some people who would try anything. As Bizarre Food’s host Andrew Zimmern always says, “If it looks good, eat it.” The morale of the story is that you shouldn’t be afraid to try new things.

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If it Looks Good, Eat It!