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Come join The Gender & Sexuality Resource Center as they take back the night

It's important to educate yourself on sexual violence and ways to help victims

Cristian Velez, Contributor

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This Wednesday, the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center will be hosting the “Take Back the Night” sexual assault awareness event. Take Back the Night is a non-profit organization and their mission is to end sexual and domestic violence in all forms.

On their website, it reads, “Take Back The Night Events occur in over 30 countries worldwide. Over 600 campuses and communities have held Take Back The Night Events to date. We have reached over 30 million people with our message:, our support and our commitment to ending sexual violence.”

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, which is important for all college campuses considering the higher risk for assault between students. According to, “Women ages 18-24 who are college students are 3 times more likely than women in general to experience sexual violence.”

Sexual assault does not discriminate as men also get assaulted. also states, “Male college students (18-24) are 78% more likely than non-students of the same age to be a victim of rape or sexual assault.”

Awareness is a significant hill to climb because it helps our school community. It builds a sense of safety and support. Victims should know that there is help and resources nearby. It is also important to educate yourself on sexual violence and ways to help victims. offers great tips for supporting victims. Some of the tips they offer are, “Listen carefully and give your full attention to the survivor, believe the survivor, take a moment to consider your words before you speak, and remind the survivor that the assault was not their fault.” You should also ask the survivor if they want any resources or support.

At the end of the day, it’s important to respect the survivor’s privacy and keep all information confidential. Speaking up about sexual assault is very difficult for victims. Victims struggle with their emotions and are left vulnerable. Victims should not feel vulnerable, and they need a sense of community.

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Sexual assault is preventable, not inevitable. Evidence supports comprehensive approaches with interventions at multiple levels (individual, relationship, community) are critical to having a population level impact on sexual violence.”

It all starts with education. People need to understand sexual violence and the severity of the issue. Even then it’s crucial to keep educating students as well as faculty when it comes to preventing sexual assault and reporting assault.

Take Back the Night will take place Wednesday in the U-SU Plaza at 6:00pm. The event will feature speakers who are survivors of sexual assault and advocates for sexual assault awareness. Come join The Gender & Sexuality Resource Center for this event as they take back the night.

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Come join The Gender & Sexuality Resource Center as they take back the night