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Stormcrow won’t let Twitter’s 140 characters limit you

Stop abbreviating words and cutting off your sentences

Cristian Velez, Contributor

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Does Twitter’s 140 character restriction ever limit you? Twitter has become the prime place to rant and rave about anything and everything. Sometimes what you have to say is longer than 140 characters and that limit just isn’t enough. Well, the new app Stormcrow is here to help.

Stormcrow was created by Jared Sinclair, a designer, software developer and iOS engineer for apps like Unread and Riposte at Black Pixel. The app has an interesting name. “The name of the app presumably gets ‘storm’ from tweetstorm — the common term for Twitter rants,” writes Sasha Lekach of

Stormcrow connects to your Twitter account, and you can publish tweets from it. Once downloaded and connected, you can begin typing what is on your mind. Do not worry about exceeding 140 characters, just forget all about that number.

Jared Sinclair explains on his blog,, “If you’ve ever wanted an easier way to write a properly-threaded tweetstorm, my new app Stormcrow can help. Type all your tweets into a single text view. Stormcrow will automatically separate your paragraphs into a thread of automatically-numbered tweets.”

Stormcrow will prove to be useful once you begin to save time. Your time will no longer be wasted editing down your tweet and you will no longer have to sacrifice proper grammar. Also, the app will help organize your tweets. It automatically timestamps each tweet and lists by date. The tweets publish back-to-back. You publish all your tweets at once at the tap of a button.

Undergraduate biology major, Alice Martinez, recommends the app for storytelling. “There’s days where something funny happens and you want to share it, but the story is longer than 140 characters. Sometimes I like to vent on Twitter too and this is perfect for all that. I really like that you don’t have to stop to start a new tweet. Stormcrow keeps my story organized for people reading it on the timeline,” says Martinez.

Chris Gonzales of writes, “If you’re into writing tweetstorms, then you’ll find Stormcrow to be a very clever solution for getting the job done.”

So, say what you have to say no matter how long it is, get it all-out.  Stop abbreviating words and cutting off your sentences. Stormcrow will not limit you and will let you focus on what you’re trying to say. Stormcrow is available now at the Apple App Store for $2.99.

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