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The student news site of California State University - Los Angeles

University Times

The student news site of California State University - Los Angeles

University Times

Developers allegedly skirt laws, razing beloved park in Northeast LA

Mia Alva, Editor in Chief August 2, 2022

Unwanted land. A spiritual oasis. A development opportunity. A wildlife corridor known as the Emerald Necklace.  These are the various ways Poppy Peak, a hillside area in the northern park of Highland...

Jodi Moreno in hospital bed staring out the window.

Surviving stage 4 lung cancer during the pandemic

Russell Navarrette, Community News Reporter July 29, 2022

As Jodi Moreno ascended in her career, her marriage began declining and, soon after, her health. The health issues surfaced during the COVID-19 pandemic, making things worse. But through it all, she...

Baseball in a glove.

Athletes struggle with steroid use

Nick Juarez, Community News Social Media Editor July 29, 2022

Brandon Ramirez was feeling very homesick in the Fall of 2016. He had no friends yet. He had just moved to California from Las Vegas. He was on a new campus, Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, and all...

Justin working out at the gym.

The lasting impacts of bullying

Evelyn Contreras, Community News Reporter July 29, 2022

In many ways, Justin Tran considered himself a “normal” kid in junior high and high school. He enjoyed taking part in activities on campus and talking with his classmates and teachers.   But...

A black and white photo of two men surrounded by film euipment starring at the camera.

A son of the arts

Arlyn Lopez , Community News Reporter July 29, 2022

Ming Lai took the long path to film-making. “Some kids make skateboarding videos, do short films or home movies,” Lai, 56, said in an interview with UT Community News. “I wasn’t one of those.” Lai,...

Side by side photo of Annes father. The left shows before he was sick, and the right photo shows how he looks now.

Avoiding sickness as a immigrant

Anne To, Community News Reporter July 29, 2022

I called my father over 50 times, and he never picked up. It was 90 degrees outside, and he was supposed to drive me home from high school. I had no other choice but to take a two-hour walk under the...

Loretta E. doing her makeup while looking into a mirror.

How burlesque seduced one performer into an unconventional life

Alyssah Hall, Community News Reporter July 20, 2022

A hostess at Goodfellas, a restaurant in Corona, was dressed all in black in 1940’s attire when a co-worker addressed her: “Loretta, can you seat these people over here? Oh my God, I got your name...

Two guys wearing black uniforms outside in daytime

Local entertainers used pandemic to pivot

Russell Navarrette, Community News Reporter July 14, 2022

Blaise Sanchez, who grew up in Diamond Bar, got into stand-up about five years ago because his girlfriend at that time was a comedian. Ironically, she ended up leaving him because of his jokes. "Oh...

ROCK: Building a solid foundation

Marcos Franco, Community News Reporter July 12, 2022

It started in 1996 to provide community services through the power of the holy spirit. Since then, ROCK, a nonprofit in Eagle Rock, established a community center and a cafe, and now, even a partnership...

Benjamin Cárdenas posing for a photo wearing a suit and tie.

Will East LA ever be its own city?

Marcos Franco, Community News Reporter June 30, 2022

Despite multiple attempts over the course of six decades to become its own city, the predominantly Latinx 7.5 square-mile barrio of East Los Angeles is still part of unincorporated Los Angeles County. That...

night view with city lights and intersection

Eagle Rock event planner thrives by networking with family-run businesses

Gerardo De Los Santos, Community News Reporter June 18, 2022

Small businesses in Eagle Rock don’t just make the neighborhood special, but they support each other -- helping them survive threats from chain businesses and economic downturns alike. That’s according...

Rapper on the rise: Treviar

Braylin Collins, Reporter & News Break Anchor June 2, 2022

Treviar Hartsfield is an up-and-coming artist in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, he recently made the decision to move to the West Coast and pursue his dream of making music. His...

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