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Scholar Strike speakers highlight racism in society and campus disparities

LAPD officers arrest a protester during a demonstration against the killing of George Floyd in police custody. The protest happened in the La Brea district of Los Angeles, California, on May 30, 2020.

By Katherine Conchas, Marlene Cordova, Rebecca Diaz, Zoe Little, Marisa Martinez, Briana Munoz, Marsha Perry, Matthew Salcido, Tahiti Salinas and Rucker Schantz, Community News Reporters

September 10, 2020

Could some Cal State LA's funds invested in campus police be used instead to offset student fees or support programs such as ethnic studies? This was one of the questions raised at a Scholar Strike teach-in event on Facebook Live Wednesday organized by Cal State LA’s Department of Pan-African Studies...

Stigma of mental illness can make matters worse for Black folks

Maryse Bombito looks at papers with notes taped to a wall as she organizes her Healing Through Art project.

Chidera Bosah, Community News Reporter

June 2, 2020

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, Lotanna Onyejekwe was no stranger to social distancing. You see, Onyejekwe has social anxiety disorder. It was easier to be alone than face people. When she was in high school, it morphed into something she didn’t expect: a deep depression. She skipped...

Eagle Rock students draw attention to their community

A sign reading

Marisa Martinez, Community News Digital Editor

June 2, 2020

Eagle Rock high school students are starting to have a reputation for getting things done. In recent months, they not only helped secure what is effectively a $150,000 grant for the student body, but some they’ve also been partially credited for prompting former President Barack Obama to deliver a spee...

Asian American and proud of it. But it wasn’t always so.

Christopher Lazaro is shown dressed up and having his tie adjusted before a party.

Christopher Lazaro, Community News Editor

May 31, 2020

I’ve never felt as carefree as I did when I was a kid. I loved getting the latest video games, watching Saturday morning cartoons with my sister, collecting Pokemon cards and even just finishing my homework so I’d have time to play. It was a simpler time. I never worried or thought much about...

Bobby Lee Verdugo: A civil rights activist. To his family, much more.

Bobby Lee Verdugo is shown dressed as Santa Claus for his family.

Ethan Axtell, Community News Reporter

May 27, 2020

Eastsiders knew Bobby Lee Verdugo as a civil rights activist.His loved ones remember him as a great father, the family comedian and “Santa Claus.” Verdugo died on May 1 at age 69, surrounded by his family.  Verdugo protested discrimination and high dropout rates of Latinx students as a student ...

Dear dad and Davie, I did It!

Denae Ayala is shown posing with a congratulations balloon and with family members.

Denae Ayala, Community News Editor

May 27, 2020

When I was 9 years old, my mom dropped a bombshell on me. She told me that our family would be moving from Los Angeles County to Bakersfield. I had grown up with nephews, cousins, aunts and uncles in L.A. I was happy there. For the most part, I was a good kid. I played sports, I had lots of ...

Medical supplies shortage hurts children with special needs

Gabriel Posadas, 2, born with with a rare genetic disorder called Larsen’s Syndrome, which affects the development of bones throughout the body.

Denae Ayala, Community News Social Media Editor

May 27, 2020

From the day Gabriel Posadas was born almost two years ago, his mother, Sabrina Renteria, worried about him. Among other issues, he had been born with dislocations of the knees and was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Larsen’s Syndrome, which affects the development of bones through...

Alhambra housing troubles worsen as coronavirus pandemic continues

Photo depicts a luxury apartment building in Alhambra.

Vanessa Wyatt, Community News Reporter

May 26, 2020

Alhambra resident Laura Linares was barely making ends meet before the pandemic. Now that she has been laid off from her job as an input coordinator, the situation is dire. She told her apartment manager about being laid off. “I’m not sure how long things are going to go. It might get wo...

Despite challenges, families find balance during coronavirus

Despite challenges, families find balance during coronavirus

Darwin Lopez, Community News Section Editor

May 20, 2020

Since the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent school closures, it seems almost everyone in the Olvera-Mash family is taking on new roles. Grandmother Maria Olvera is now the primary caregiver during weekdays for her two youngest grandchildren, changing their diapers, feeding them and cleaning up af...

Learning hindered, memories never made

Eagle Rock High School student Sarah Goldstein sits at her work station that she has designated for herself since classes at ERHS have transitioned online. Photo courtesy of Sarah Goldstein.

Kilmer Salinas and Marisa Martinez, Community News Reporters

May 20, 2020

When a fire in Brentwood led her university to close this fall, Jasmin Chavez was bummed but she took solace in knowing she’d soon be back on the university’s idyllic campus in the Santa Monica Mountains. Chavez, who lives near South Los Angeles, figured she would make lasting memories in class...

‘Zooming’ to graduation

Darwin Lopez is pictured with his mother and sister.

Darwin Lopez, Community News Editor

May 18, 2020

If you told me when I was a freshman in 2015 that my graduation might be canceled and classes would be on Zoom, I probably would have said “Oh well.” Graduation, to me, was expensive, and frankly, I thought, “How many of the graduates would I really know, anyway?”  In my mind at the t...

Looking for work during a pandemic

A student at Mt. San Antonio College's welding program is shown cutting pipe. This was taken before the facility was closed.

Marlene Cordova, Community News Reporter

May 15, 2020

For Andrea Margarita Flores, the start of her last semester at Cal State LA held so much promise and excitement. Options for the child development major seemed unlimited — from small details like how to decorate her graduation cap to the bigger ones like which child care center she would work in. ...

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