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The student news site of California State University - Los Angeles

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The student news site of California State University - Los Angeles

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Rainy day. Photo by William Baker.

Students reflect on recent rain storm

Brian Perez, Multimedia Reporter February 3, 2023

The past few weeks have been tough for Californians who are not used to intense rainfall. Many could not go anywhere due to the flooding throughout the state and major cities. Parts of Los Angeles County...

A picture of the front of Maywood City Hall building.

Maywood plans aim to reduce greenhouse gasses and make the city more bike-friendly

Andres Perez, Community News Reporter December 16, 2022

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Benefits for a sustainable city. Combating climate change. Increasing bike lanes. Those are actions discussed at a recent Maywood City Council meeting when two projects...

A Cal Fire helicopter flies above a fire.

The fiery state of California

KeAndre Berry, Community News Reporter December 2, 2022

It is easy to imagine a friendly fireman climbing a ladder to rescue a cat off of a tree, but the reality is firefighters respond to more urgent emergencies -- especially in California where the fires...

Recharging electric cars parked on Calstate LA campus.

Prop. 30: Should multimillionaires’ taxes be raised to tackle climate change?

Gerardo De Los Santos, Community News Reporter October 29, 2022

Hike taxes for multimillionaires. Generate funds to subsidize zero-emission vehicles and pay for wildfire response and prevention. Clean up polluted air. Those are the goals of Prop. 30, which California...

A building atop a hill at Granada Park,

A proposal for more public parks and spaces

Andres Perez, Community News Reporter October 14, 2022

Eileen Balam sees a city that has been indoors for too long.  That must change, she insists. That’s why she is for the city of Los Angeles’ measure SP, which would fund the acquisition, development,...

a group of people outside enjoying a Barbecue

CSI welcomes back students to a new era for Cal State LA

Erik Adams, Reporter September 4, 2022

Even with Thursday’s high temperatures, the Center for Student Involvement’s Welcome Home BBQ event was able to greet new and returning students to a more typical in-person campus experience this semester.  Along...

Aerial shot of a commercial strip of shops in Highland Park.

Developers allegedly skirt laws, razing beloved park in Northeast LA

Mia Alva, Editor in Chief August 2, 2022

Unwanted land. A spiritual oasis. A development opportunity. A wildlife corridor known as the Emerald Necklace.  These are the various ways Poppy Peak, a hillside area in the northern park of Highland...

Black garbage bags on sidewalk with trash around it

LA city council looks to combat trash and illegal dumping

Gerardo De Los Santos, Community News Reporter March 21, 2022

Have you ever wondered what’s up with the trash scattered around various Los Angeles neighborhoods and why it can take the city days to respond to complaints about trash? There is an assortment of...

A art of a computer with NFT sneakers while energy is being consumed

NFTs: Trending and dangerous?

Oscar Torres, Digital Editor February 27, 2022

Every day, thousands of people hop onto the internet to hang out with friends, look at videos or play video games for dozens of hours.  They can also find pictures costing thousands of dollars being...

Angel Saavedra is organizing his plants to make it look nice for customers

The little nursery that could

Oscar Torres, Digital Editor February 23, 2022

Some kids collect rocks or trading cards. For Angel Saavedra, he collected plants as a child. He loved planting them and seeing them grow. It was a simple pleasure that brought him pure joy. Slowly,...

An older woman with a pink dress.(

Central Alameda residents want more parks

Brian Perez, Community News Reporter October 12, 2021

On the streets of South Los Angeles’ Central Alameda neighborhood, it’s common to see stretches of restaurants, liquor stores, and auto body shops. What’s rarer to see, however, are parks,...

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