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Illustration of decorated graduation caps

Spring 2021 graduate showcase

Despite the uncertainties of the graduation ceremony, graduates celebrate their achievements.
May 31, 2021

Marisa Vasquez, B.A. in Journalism My grandfather, a former columnist for his local newspaper, once said, “If we don’t write our own stories, who will?” Ever since then I’ve approached every...

Graduates of Cal State Los Angeles's Arts and Letter Department wave to their family, friends, and supporters during the 2019 Cal State LA Commencement

Cal State LA graduates share mixed feelings on the new in-person commencement plans

University announces plans for college-based commencement ceremonies
Mia Alva, Managing Editor May 29, 2021

Alejandra Illingworth, a 2021 communication disorders graduate, said that she remembered being initially upset about the original plans for commencement. “When the university announced the plan with...

screenshot of an instagram page

Incoming freshmen are making connections through a screen

Mia Alva, Social Media editor May 14, 2021

Before Fall 2021 comes into play, incoming freshmen are already finding new ways to connect with their future classmates through apps like Instagram, Discord, and Snapchat. It all started in December...

portrait of a guy wearing his graduation sash

From the verge of flunking to graduating with honors and landing a journalism job

Joshua Letona, Contributing Writer May 12, 2021

It took me five-and-a-half years to finish college. Go ahead. Make fun. I can laugh about it now because I am on the other side. I have a degree that nobody can take away and found a career that...

Illustration of decorated graduation caps

The UT would like to celebrate the class of 2021

May 7, 2021

As graduation approaches, the University Times would like to offer the 2021 graduates a chance to showcase their decorated graduation caps or graduation photos and what graduating means to them. Since...

illustration of people throwing their grad caps in the air

University announces graduation ceremonies will be postponed

The news comes after Cal State LA graduates shared their disappointment over graduation announcement
Tahiti Salinas and Mia Alva May 5, 2021

After hearing “heartfelt feedback” from students and others in the community, the two graduation ceremonies will be postponed, according to an email to the UT from the Office of Communications and...

neon sign that says electric mile

Drive-in and virtual events are providing an ‘escape’ from the pandemic

Cal State LA students and faculty share their drive-in and virtual event experiences.
Tahiti Salinas, Editor-in-Chief May 4, 2021

Companies have adapted to the changes brought on by the pandemic by creating events that can be experienced from the safety of a car. Events like Electric Mile, Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience...

Illustration of Godzilla fighting King Kong

Big reptile, big monkey: A meditation on “Godzilla vs Kong”

Ethan Axtell, Copy editor April 30, 2021

“Godzilla vs Kong.” I keep wanting to write “King Kong vs Godzilla” since that was the title of the original 1962 showdown between these two nasty heavyweights. A film that I actually owned on...

illustration of a school with police officers and people protesting

ASI resolution on reforming campus police is passed by faculty senate

Campus police makes up 14% of university's budget
Briana Munoz and Tahiti Salinas April 28, 2021

On Tuesday, the Associated Students, Incorporated (ASI) resolution on campus police was passed by the Academic Senate to begin its implementation. This makes Cal State LA the first CSU to pass a resolution...

pie chart

After the vaccination: Questions and experiences from Cal State LA students

Mia Alva, Social Media editor April 27, 2021

Now that all individuals age 16 or over are eligible to be vaccinated in Los Angeles County, Cal State LA students share their vaccination experiences and pending questions. In an informal survey with...

Illustration of school with vaccines

BREAKING: Vaccinations required for next semester

Tahiti Salinas, Editor-in-Chief April 22, 2021

In a simultaneous announcement, California State University (CSU) joined the University of California (UC) in requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for anyone accessing campus facilities during the Fall 2021...

Dreaming of Our Future/ Soñando de Nuestro Futuro ensemble rehearsing for their virtual performance.

A call to action: The Soñando project reimagined

Cast and crew share what’s new
Rosio Flores, Managing Editor April 20, 2021

Virtually executing the production for “Dreaming of our Future/Soñando de Nuestro Futuro,” an ensemble-based theater project that sheds light on the struggles and challenges of immigrants and Deferred...

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