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Myself, Sister and father on staircase in home

Growing up Black in Lynchburg, Virginia

Alyssah Hall, Community News Reporter May 2, 2022

When I was 4, my parents, sister and I left West Covina, California, for Virginia, 2,234 miles away. We ended up moving to the city of Lynchburg — a name that seemed to figuratively foreshadow our...

A group of siblings having fun and watching a movie together.

How movies helped me succeed in stressful times

Oscar Torres, Digital Editor April 15, 2022

Growing up, I didn’t have any siblings yet. It was pretty dull with no other person my age at home. My parents weren’t around during the day because my dad was at work, and my mom was still in college. I...

A shot of Russell Navarrette

The light at the end of the tunnel

Russell Navarrette, Community News Reporter April 11, 2022

 The day I turned 18, my parents kicked me out of the house.  I had been gone for two days. I was making an attempt at a good gesture for my parents. My mistake was asking my aunt for a haircut, while...

A man in shadow punching the air while the sun sets.

Bowing out: How I overcome obstacles in martial arts, only to end up leaving

Anthony Aguilar, Community News Reporter April 4, 2022

I faced many challenges as a kid in martial arts. These obstacles included transitioning schools, relearning techniques — and the one event that ended my martial arts journey.  New school, new...

Illustration of a girl sitting at a desk and a thought bubble next to her showing a book.

All the things I never used to care about

Jessica Liu, Intern Reporter March 26, 2022

Enamored with the idea of independence and being able to make decisions about my own future, I entered college at Cal State LA through the Early Entrance Program. Due to COVID-19, I was never able to...

Two men wearing blue shirts stand on a balcony overlooking a view of a dark mountain

The man who made me who I am

Brian Perez, Community News Reporter January 26, 2022

It happened about one year ago, Jan. 7 — the loss I never imagined facing, at least not for decades to come. My mom woke me up that morning at around 8 a.m. “Brian, I think something is wrong...

This is a photo collage with three different photos. In one photos she is wearing a crown on her head, In other she is standing with mike with other person. And in third photo looks like here article and her bio.

From beauty queen to journalist

Stephanie Sical, Community News Reporter January 22, 2022

As a little girl growing up in Germany, I loved playing around with my mom’s makeup and high heels. I would tell my mother how I wanted to be on television one day, and she would just laugh. A...

A student speaking in front of classmates at graduation

Opinion: Why I consider myself ‘differently-abled’ — not disabled

Jordan O’Kelley, Community News Reporter December 9, 2021

I used to be an objectively worse student than my peers in elementary school: I got lower grades, was worse at physical activities, and was immature for my age.  Three years later, I got into Cal State...

2018 World Series Issue (Nicholas Juarez, Community News)

Getting off the baseball plate for a fresh slate

Nicholas Juarez, Community News Reporter December 9, 2021

Growing up, I never prioritized academics. My weighted grade point average was 2.7 when I graduated high school.  I thought baseball was going to take me far in life. Unfortunately, I was wrong. The...

Photo of the roller skates on the beige ground with photos of xrays placed around them.

The day that changed my life, maybe forever

Victoria Ivie, Community News Reporter November 24, 2021

I will never forget the color of the sky that day: A vivid blue flecked with clouds. It was a slightly cool day Nov. 18, 2020, at the outdoor skatepark my friend and I frequented. But on this day,...

In this photo someone stand up with the Graduation Award and hooded with the academic award

How I became the ‘princess of clubs’ in my own Alice in Wonderland adventure

Xennia Hamilton, Community News Reporter November 20, 2021

In high school, I didn't have many friends. I was shy, a bookworm and simply was the person who didn’t speak much. That was until I met my best friend, Robert Canales, in senior year. It would change...

A Photo of Braylin Collins and his daughter Evelynn by Braylin Collins (Braylin Collins/UT Community News)

My reason why: How I became homeless and faced the worst night of my life

Braylin Collins, Community News Reporter November 18, 2021

Some of the toughest battles I have faced in life came from within: Not feeling accepted, doubting my self-worth, feeling angry and depressed. It all seemed to hit me at once in a series of unfortunate...

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