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Allegations fly between Boyle Heights council members

Brenda Mwingira, Community News Reporter December 17, 2022

A Boyle Heights council meeting this fall ended in a resignation. One Boyle Heights neighborhood council member alleged her colleagues of bullying and corruption. Another alleged unprofessional behavior...

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Get Out the Vote 2022

Alysia Burke , Multimedia Reporter November 5, 2022

With less than one week before Election Day, Cal State LA students and faculty are joining forces to educate students on their voter rights, and urge them to get out and vote on Nov. 8. A student-led...

A woman in red suit at a podium

What do various state and county officials actually do?

Xennia Hamilton, Community News Reporter October 31, 2022

State controller. Insurance commissioner. County board of supervisors. Voters’ eyes can glaze over at the number of different statewide and local elected officials representing various boards and...

Two women, one with glasses and a mask

Prop. 29: Kidney dialysis measure back on the ballot, and just as hotly contested

Vincent Moc, Community News Reporter October 29, 2022

Wonder why Proposition 29 -- which would beef up requirements at kidney dialysis clinics -- looks so familiar? That’s because similar measures were on the ballot twice before and both times, rejected....

Picture of a petitioner and their tent on the main walkway on campus.

How a measure gets on the ballot in California

Jessica Lopez, Community News Reporter October 29, 2022

Why are there so many ballot measures in California during midterm and presidential election cycles, and how do they get on the ballot in the first place? There were 11 statewide propositions in the...

Recharging electric cars parked on Calstate LA campus.

Prop. 30: Should multimillionaires’ taxes be raised to tackle climate change?

Gerardo De Los Santos, Community News Reporter October 29, 2022

Hike taxes for multimillionaires. Generate funds to subsidize zero-emission vehicles and pay for wildfire response and prevention. Clean up polluted air. Those are the goals of Prop. 30, which California...

Building with encampments in front

Supporters say need for affordable housing measure stems from Segregation Era law

Gavin J. Quinton, Community News Reporter October 23, 2022

When Natalie Vargas’ mother left her father in 2017, the two became homeless.  “We didn't have anywhere to go. We slept in our car or in a storage area behind my grandmother’s house,” Vargas,...

Poll workers were prepared to assist voters through the new electronic voting systems in the Palmer Wing of the Library at Cal State LA in early 2020/

What first-time voters should know about the process

Leslie Magaña Arias, Community News Reporter October 23, 2022

With all the demands of life and work, voting may not be everyone’s priority. That’s especially true for those who haven’t voted before because they have to invest extra time learning how to do it. “For...

Children in the Boys and Girls Clubs child care program help create a poster. Picture taken by Edward Nelson/UT

Prop 28: Should taxpayers help add more arts and music programs in schools?

Thomas Davila, Community News Reporter October 23, 2022

Thinking outside of the box. Engaging diverse learners. Providing a creative and therapeutic outlet. These are some of the benefits of arts and music education, according to advocates of Prop. 28. The...

Abortion rights supporters protest on the streets with signs.

Prop. 1: Access and affordability of abortion services are on the line in the November election

Denis Akbari and Asha Johnson October 17, 2022

Supporters of a statewide ballot measure to widen access to and affordability of reproductive healthcare say it is a basic human right while opponents offer preventative measures for abortion. Proposition...

guy with green tshirt talks with crowd around

City of LA measure ULA: Affordable housing could benefit homeless, elderly

Saadia Jones, Community News Reporter October 14, 2022

Campaign Manager Yuval Yossefy is so excited about a city of Los Angeles ballot measure to tax millionaires, billionaires, and corporations in order to fund affordable housing efforts. That’s why...

woman with two kids studying at wood desk

Eastside parents pay close attention to LAUSD’s District 2 race

Brenda Mwingira, Community News Reporter October 14, 2022

Declining enrollment over the past two decades. School policing issues. Funding and resource management. Learning losses due to the global pandemic. Children having to learn remotely. These are some...

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