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Cal State LA community members respond to the U.S. Capitol insurrection

President Trump incited an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol building during the final Electoral College vote. Photo from
January 13, 2021

Last week’s insurrection at the U.S. Capitol displayed a “double standard” for Melina Abdullah, Cal State LA professor and co-founder of the Los Angeles chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement. The...

Maywood councilman facing corruption lawsuit encourages residents to hold officials accountable

A man with a suit and glasses
Councilman calls the allegations "baseless"
December 29, 2020

Eddie De La Riva — who is facing a lawsuit alleging him, the city and two others of corruption — stepped down from his position as Maywood's mayor as part of the council's annual reorganization. At...

Inglewood OKs LA Clippers stadium

An image of a stadium with the NFL letters and logo on top from the city of Inglewood site.
Some residents worry about gentrification, housing prices
October 29, 2020

The reconstruction of the Forum back in 2014, the construction of the SoFi Stadium, the Los Angeles Rams’ new high-tech home. And, the forthcoming Los Angeles Clippers basketball arena. These are...

ASI and local nonprofit break down California propositions

This image was made by Tahiti Salinas through Canva using Sketchify elements.
October 26, 2020

Cal State LA’s Associated Students, Inc. (ASI), recently hosted the “Ballot Breakdown: Know Your Propositions” event to help students cast their vote for measures that will be on California’s ballot. The...

Cal State LA students share who they are voting for in this Presidential election

In the informal survey of 56 students, some members of the Cal State LA community will be voting for the former vice president. Survey made by Joshua Letona.
October 25, 2020

In an informal survey conducted by the University Times, Cal State LA students look to be voting overwhelmingly blue for the upcoming national election. The survey of 56 responses showed 82% of students...

Cal State LA gym to open as a voting center

Early voters cast their vote in at the new electronic voting booths in Panorama City on March 2, 2020.
With the upcoming election, voters can visit the campus to vote in person
October 22, 2020

Starting Saturday, Cal State LA students and local community members can vote on campus for the upcoming national election. The University Gymnasium is opening its doors for those looking to use...

A voter guide produced by Cal State LA students

People with masks on voting by bail and in person and the words
October 14, 2020

To residents of South Los Angeles and the Eastside, including the Cal State LA community, no election in recent memory has felt more important. The policy decisions under another Republican Donald Trump...

How to vote: Registration deadlines, voting by mail and filling out the ballot

October 14, 2020

So you want to make a difference this year by voting? That's great, but there are some steps you should take to ensure you can do that such as registering in time and ensuring you have chosen the best...

Californians divided on stem cell research measure

October 14, 2020

Californians have taken to social media to voice their concerns or support for Proposition 14, which would allow the state to issue $5.5 billion in general obligation bonds, mainly to fund stem cell ...

Did someone say ‘rent control’? A guide to Prop. 21

Caption: A neighborhood in Melbourne, Australia pictured from above before the sunset. Tom Rumble/Unsplash
October 13, 2020

With a more scaled-back approach this time around, proponents of 2018’s defeated Prop. 10 are trying their hand again at rent control expansion. Proposition 21 would not only amend the 1995 Costa-Hawkins...

The confusing ballot measure that has privacy expert organizations divided

Photo of Hans Johnson provided by Hans Johnson
October 13, 2020

Would Proposition 24 improve the state’s privacy laws, which are already considered some of the strictest in the country? That depends on who you ask. Supporters include former vice president candidate...

Prop. 23 pits union against healthcare groups

Will having an on-site physician really improve patient care at facilities that have long operated without them?
Measure would require physicians at dialysis centers
October 13, 2020

Companies have their tactics for keeping workers from unionizing. Similarly, unions have ways of striking back. Some say Prop. 23 represents just that. “They’re trying to fix a non-existent problem...

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