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Cal State LA community responds to sports protests

Some athletes in the NBA and NFL are taking a stand for social justice in wake of the social justice movement in 2020. Creative Commons Photo.

Ethan Axtell, Staff Reporter

October 13, 2020

“Athletes should have a say when it comes to social injustice in their communities and use the platform they have to spread the message,” said fourth-year history major Dagoberto Bobadilla Jr. Some athletes in the NBA and NFL are taking a stand for social justice. Players in the NBA wore social ...

Should part of LA County’s budget go to alternatives for incarceration? 

Protestors gathered at night time with text projected on a wall that says,

Katherine Conchas and Marlene Cordova 

October 12, 2020

A local ballot measure to fund programs to help incarcerated people may be gaining steam amid calls to end racism, help communities of color and defund the police. “I do know that when we say defund the police, we say that we want community programs like counseling services, rehabilitation servi...

Do people on parole deserve the right to vote in California?

A headshot of Shay Franco Clausen taken via a video interview.

Juan Ricardo Gomez, Community News Reporter

October 12, 2020

As the upcoming election draws near and people prepare to exert their constitutional right to vote, social media is abuzz over whether everyone is covered by that 19th amendment right. People convicted of felonies who are on parole aren’t eligible to vote in many states, including California, but th...

A whole new meaning to certain crimes in California?

A red and teal illustration of a person behind bars.

Brandon Rodriguez, Community News Reporter

October 12, 2020

Should some criminal activity that would be charged only as misdemeanors under current law, such as theft or fraud, be considered felonies? That’s the question posed by a measure on the November ballot, Prop. 20, which would increase penalties for some property crimes and make parole harder for...

Ballot measure aims to diversify schools and public agencies

Graphic art of two people shaking hands, one white and one dark green, both appearing to wear business suits.

Jericho Caleb Dancel, Community News Reporter

October 12, 2020

There may just be a way to create more diversity in universities and in the workforce. That’s what supporters of Prop. 16 say about the impact it could have. November is fast approaching, and the measure is one of a slate on the ballot. Prop. 16, known as the Affirmative Action Amendment, would a...

Scholar Strike speakers highlight racism in society and campus disparities

LAPD officers arrest a protester during a demonstration against the killing of George Floyd in police custody. The protest happened in the La Brea district of Los Angeles, California, on May 30, 2020.

By Katherine Conchas, Marlene Cordova, Rebecca Diaz, Zoe Little, Marisa Martinez, Briana Munoz, Marsha Perry, Matthew Salcido, Tahiti Salinas and Rucker Schantz, Community News Reporters

September 10, 2020

Could some Cal State LA's funds invested in campus police be used instead to offset student fees or support programs such as ethnic studies? This was one of the questions raised at a Scholar Strike teach-in event on Facebook Live Wednesday organized by Cal State LA’s Department of Pan-African Studies...

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