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Nuestro idioma como herencia hispana

Eduardo Ramos

September 30, 2016

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El mes de la herencia hispana es para promover todo lo relacionado con nuestra cultura. El lenguaje es una de las cosas más importantes que hay que estimular. En Estados Unidos, nuestro idioma se ha ido viendo afectado por el inglés. A este fenómeno se le conoce como atrición. En pocas palabras, l...

Journalism the Chinese Way

Journalism the Chinese Way

Marrian Zhou

August 22, 2016

Filed under News

Although I grew up in Beijing and moved to Los Angeles when I was 16, I finally realized that I did not know much about the society I came from. Through interning as a reporter, I had the chance to explore a seemingly censored world. During the past two months, I worked at Beijing Today- an English n...

OP-ED: Extra College Weight

OP-ED: Extra College Weight

Jason Layden

July 27, 2016

Filed under Health

As a fitness professional, I have a great concern about the rise in obesity among college aged students. I know many college-aged students aren’t making time for working out and they simply aren’t eating a proper diet. As a student, I have been on this campus for two years and I look around with...

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