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Cal State LA: Safe or not?

Students share their thoughts
Cornell Chuaseco

In light of recent crime on campus, Cal State LA students are questioning their safety. 

On Friday, March 1, the Public Safety Department notified students that an attempted robbery and car theft occurred in parking Lot 4, according to a story from last month by the University Times

In a series of interviews with the UT, students shared their mixed feelings about campus security. 

International graduate student Sharmila Kunche said overall she feels safe at Cal State LA, but wishes the campus was more well-lit. She said sometimes it is difficult and “a little bit scary” roaming around after finishing an evening class because of how dim the campus lights are.

“There should be more security because the campus is huge and also, we need more lights to make it brighter because [walking around] at night, it’s so dim, and we don’t know the campus properly. Being an international student, I only know [where] my department is and the parking lot,” Kunche said. 

First-year student Adriana Sanchez Navarro said she feels “pretty safe” but wishes the university would limit the amount of solicitors on campus. 

“Sometimes I’ll be really busy, and then one comes up to me even though I explicitly say that ‘I’m busy,’ and it is kind of annoying,” Navarro said. 

Third-year student Jessalie Gallegos said that if she had to rate her sense of safety on campus on a scale of one to ten, she would rate it a six or seven. What bothers Gallegos the most, she said, is that the university’s campus is open to the public. 

“Especially at night, there’s not really any… [Golden Eagle Patrol]. They’re not really around that much. I don’t really see them. There’s not that many security guards,” Gallegos said. “I have to walk back to my car when it’s dark, and it’s kind of scary.” 

Gallegos’ proposed suggestion for improvement is for the campus to be closed to the public after a certain time to promote the safety of students who live on campus. 

First-year student Helen Martinez said she feels safe and that there are “a lot of good people” on campus who check in on the well-being of others. 

“If anyone sees that you’re uncomfortable, they…come up to you and they ask if you’re good. I haven’t had any uncomfortable situations on campus or any situation where I haven’t felt safe. The people here are always looking over you,” Martinez said. 

Health science major Cristian Meza said he feels “pretty safe” walking to his car in the evening but could see why someone else might be scared. 

“The walkways are pretty dark at night. You can barely see yourself, I’d say,” Meza said. 

First-year student Kevin Perez said he feels “super safe” at school but thinks security should have more of a presence on campus. 

“Anyone can walk into the campus. It’s really hard to tell who’s a student and who’s not. Just [more] security to make sure that it’s only students coming in,” Perez said. 

Lucia Gamez, the associate director of public safety, told the University Times that the safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors on Cal State LA’s campus is a “priority for the university.”

She said that “inspections and security surveys of campus lighting are conducted” by campus public safety, facilities and risk management officials. 

Concerns about lighting and other issues can be sent to Facilities Services by calling 323-343-3440 or by emailing Work Control at [email protected].

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Tristan Longwell
Tristan Longwell, News Editor
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Cornell Chuaseco
Cornell Chuaseco, Multimedia Editor
Cornell Chuaseco is a transfer student from Cypress College in Orange County and is now in his fourth semester with The University Times and Cal State LA. He’s a TVF major and working as this semester’s Multimedia Editor, hobbies include gaming, photography, and anime/manga.  

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