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The site of the future Bill Greene Memorial Park at 5800 S Figueroa St., in South L.A. on March 7, 2024.

South L.A. residents ask for green park space — the city answered with concrete and fencing

Jackson Tammariello, Community News Reporter April 1, 2024

South Los Angeles residents are calling for a pause on the development of a sought-after park until city planners address their concerns of its concrete design and lack of green space. The corner of...

Tony Lozano stands outside his gym.

South Central gym acts as a sanctuary

Jonathan, Chung April 1, 2024

Tony Lozano grew up in South Central Los Angeles, where he said gangs, violence and gunshots were common.  It seemed few local businesses promoted a healthy lifestyle. That’s a big reason why...

Los Angeles County residents have attended Narcan clinics at various county libraries, including in El Monte.

Los Angeles County Libraries Host Free Narcan Clinics

Joseph Chavarria, Community News Reporter March 27, 2024

  Multiple Los Angeles County libraries hosted free Naloxone clinics to fight the opioid epidemic on Wednesdays. County libraries in El Monte, East LA, Willowbrook, Lennox, Lancaster, Norwalk,...

Illustration by Rebeca Hernandez.

More Alhambra residents report mental health issues

Arturo Orellana, Community News Reporter December 18, 2023

Crime. Drugs. Post-pandemic anxiety. Greater awareness of mental health issues. Whatever the reason, a higher percentage of Alhambra residents reported their mental health is “not good” in recent...

A recently shuttered Rite Aid at 959 Crenshaw Blvd in Los Angeles, CA on Nov. 26, 2023. Photo by Jackson Tammariello.(1)

Some South L.A. neighborhoods lack nearby pharmacies, data finds

Jackson Tammariello, Community News Reporter December 17, 2023

Maria Ruiz feels that South Los Angeles has been “a forgotten city for so long,” in so many ways. One way is the dearth of pharmacies.  The South Central resident treks more than a mile from...

Lady with neon green vest and red cap leading kids to cross at crosswalk

At a crossroads on crossing guards

Oscar Beltran and Trevor Megginson November 17, 2022

Why did the Alhambra student cross the street? Because there was a police officer to help substitute for the missing crossing guard. The city of Alhambra is short five crossing guards. Thankfully,...

Two women, one with glasses and a mask

Prop. 29: Kidney dialysis measure back on the ballot, and just as hotly contested

Vincent Moc, Community News Reporter October 29, 2022

Wonder why Proposition 29 -- which would beef up requirements at kidney dialysis clinics -- looks so familiar? That’s because similar measures were on the ballot twice before and both times, rejected....

Abortion rights supporters protest on the streets with signs.

Prop. 1: Access and affordability of abortion services are on the line in the November election

Denis Akbari and Asha Johnson October 17, 2022

Supporters of a statewide ballot measure to widen access to and affordability of reproductive healthcare say it is a basic human right while opponents offer preventative measures for abortion. Proposition...

shelves filled with tobaccos

Prop. 31: Measure would uphold ban on flavored tobacco products

Andrew Perez and Brian Perez October 14, 2022

Melon twist. Cherry crush. Very vanilla. Bubble gum. These sound like candy flavors but they’re actually the kinds of tobacco products that critics say are marketed to kids. “As a kid, if you...

A building atop a hill at Granada Park,

A proposal for more public parks and spaces

Andres Perez, Community News Reporter October 14, 2022

Eileen Balam sees a city that has been indoors for too long.  That must change, she insists. That’s why she is for the city of Los Angeles’ measure SP, which would fund the acquisition, development,...

Man bending knees to lift weights in a gym with pink and purple walls.

The lasting impacts of bullying

Evelyn Contreras, Community News Reporter July 29, 2022

In many ways, Justin Tran considered himself a “normal” kid in junior high and high school. He enjoyed taking part in activities on campus and talking with his classmates and teachers.   But...

Black garbage bags on sidewalk with trash around it

LA city council looks to combat trash and illegal dumping

Gerardo De Los Santos, Community News Reporter March 21, 2022

Have you ever wondered what’s up with the trash scattered around various Los Angeles neighborhoods and why it can take the city days to respond to complaints about trash? There is an assortment of...

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