Coffee and Friends

On March 11th, 2019, the International Office hosted Coffee Break, a social event where several students, who came to Cal State LA to study abroad, shared a glimpse into their personal out-of-the-country experience.

Mya Taylor, Advertisment Assistant

Study Abroad is a program designed for students who are looking to travel the world while staying on their academic track. Cal State LA caters to the appeals of its students by offering an inviting, community-based studying abroad program for students of all backgrounds.

On March 11th, 2019, Cal State LA’s International Office hosted Coffee Break, a social event where several students shared a glimpse into their Study Abroad experience.

Experiences varied but students unanimously agreed that there are vast differences between the structure of the American education system compared to those of other countries.

Jason Chan is an abroad student from Hong Kong, China. It is his third year at Cal State LA as a communications major and he believes that “the style of teaching is more free.”

“Professors give a lot of opportunity to speak out,” Chan continued. He explained that it was a very different experience for him.

Nico Disch, a senior mathematics major from Frankfurt, Germany, compared the differing education systems.

“Most students do not work during semester [in Germany] but they are still quite busy. Way more studying and meeting with more friends. [There’s] More difficult work in Germany, way faster with covering material… it’s a really theoretical way of teaching,” said Disch.

Disch emphasized that peer review and tutoring are both heavily built into Germany’s academic curriculum.

Students at the event, such as Yumeng Deng, an English student, spoke highly of Cal State LA.

“The school cares about it’s students, it helps them adapt and make new friends. The experience is priceless. Not just looking at culture, living culture,” said Deng.

Raving reviews of Cal State LA did not stop there.

Onyx Ahmad, a third-year mechanical engineering student, had a lot to say too. “I love LA. Cal State LA was perfect for me, I love it,” said Ahmad.

Ahmad eagerly encourages students to travel abroad and to get more involved with Cal State LA international students, events and affairs.

Students who attended the coffee break recommended that other students travel abroad.

Shravan Avyukta is an electrical engineering graduate student who is studying abroad from India, he offered a few helpful tips for students interested in traveling.

“Go to a safe country, safe city. Have friendly contact with your local police officers,” said Avyukta. Safety aside, he also recommended that students dorm for a year to learn cross-culture relationships.

Study Abroad offered a unique experience to each student.

“As long as you don’t get into trouble and stay safe, you’ll have a lot of fun,” said Avyukta.

Cal State LA International Programs offer more information about traveling abroad online and at the International Office for students who are interested.