Letter From The Editor


Kyle Frizol Editor-in-Chief

Kyle Frizol, Editor-in-Chief

Hi Golden Eagles! I hope that you’re well.

In light of Trump’s complete dismissal during his State of the Union, climate change needs to be discussed, even if the President doesn’t feel that it should. Action is critical; corporate executives have leverage through donations, re-election promises and hush money that allows big oil and fossil-fuel companies to continue to drown out policy at the Capital.

As greenhouse gas emissions continue to spike and insulate the Earth, and floating Antarctic ice sheets continue to increase sea levels, the White House and big-oil corporations continue to dismiss climate change. No policy will go through Congress and jump-start some kind of last ditch effort to begin reversing climate change as long as government officials and the likes of President Trump take corporate donations. It really isn’t surprising that Trump didn’t mention climate change even once in his State of the Union speech to the Country. When on Twitter, he often brushes climate change off as a conspiracy that was created by his rivals to waste money on regulation. Worse yet, he takes pride in his progress to deregulate the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), stating that is has long hurt the American economy. But what of an economy if there is no habitable land to live, work and create a future? These concerns must not register on his radar, or rather, his desire for re-election and campaign funding trumps his moral and ethical decisions.

The deeper you look, the dirty it gets; government officials, EPA administrators and even members of Trump’s own cabinet have worked in big oil for years, and have often voted to kill off environmental policy before it had a chance to infringe on their profits and interests. When big-oil and fossil fuel companies reach into politics unscathed and unquestioned, it comes as little shock that Trump and those who follow his ideals have come this far.

A man who does not believe in climate change, nor that the Earth is reacting at rates unprecedented in recent recorded history, is in the highest office in the United States. He is allowed to appoint his friends and conspirators into others offices across the Country, to continue taking hush money and representing policies that oil-companies have made sure to influence with their pocket-lining techniques.

With Winter storms hitting the Country harder than ever, droughts lasting longer than they have in recent years, and carbon greenhouse gases insulating the Earth and slowly destroying complete ecosystems, we should have done something years ago. Now, it is far too late to save many species that will inevitably go extinct, or to save ecosystems that are already collapsing.

It seems apparent, sadly, that until climate change puts Trump and his conspirators in danger, there will be no need to cut off the money train that continues to reward the corrupt and punish the rest of the world.