Letter From the Editor


Kyle Frizol Editor-in-Chief

Kyle M. Frizol, Editor-in-Chief

Hi there Golden Eagles! As Spring midterms trail behind us, this can only mean one thing: ASI election season is upon us! In the coming days, there will be candidate Q&A sessions throughout campus that will lead up to the two election voting days next week. It’s critical that students educate themselves on the platforms and agendas of not only the two presidential candidates, but also the college representatives, senators and the executive board that will be voted into office from Mar 26-27. Voter turnout at the university has been historically underwhelming, with just around five percent of the student population casting their votes. As students, it is our responsibility to ensure that the proper representatives are put into office. These individuals must serve the needs of the students and serve as the liaison between administration and the community. This is essential to preserving the notion of shared governance and equal representation at the university, especially given the circumstances that we all currently face.

Continue educating yourselves on the bodies of power at your university, Golden Eagles! Here’s to a great week.


Kyle Frizol