Letter From The Editor


Kyle Frizol Editor-in-Chief

Kyle M. Frizol, Editor In Chief

With each new year, there are new goals to set and new hurdles to overcome. Here at the University Times, we are excited to step into 2019 with a fresh perspective and commitment to serving our university community, while also investing in innovative and rapidly-developing mediums for news. As the official news source for students, staff and faculty at the University, we want to re-approach our commitment and our focus. There are individuals and organizations that continually push and challenge the status-quo at our University, and we want to tell their stories and provide a platform for positive change and innovation.


Next, we want to fully invest in our social media and online news presence, and serve a niche of the university community that relies on this medium for their news. Alongside our traditional newsprint, we will be providing exclusive digital-first content on our website and across social media platforms, and we will provide multimedia videos and podcasts for those who prefer this channel of news. By diversifying ourselves, our aim is to serve and satisfy the needs of all students, faculty and staff at the University regardless of their preferred means of reading and interacting with campus and local news.


I am truly excited for what lies ahead. Here at the University Times, we are geared up for the most exciting and thorough semester of content in recent years. I cannot wait to hear from each of you in terms of your needs and what you are looking for from the University Times.


Here’s to a brilliant first week of classes, Golden Eagles, and a successful and exciting semester ahead.




Kyle M. Frizol