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The student news site of California State University - Los Angeles

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The Batter’s Box: The Dodger days of summer

Cliff Connors September 4, 2023

Here we go again. After it seemed like everything would be different in 2023, the Los Angeles Dodgers have found themselves in the same place: way ahead in the division, scalding hot in August, and cruising...

Cars parked in one of the Cal State LA parking lots.

BREAKING: Cal State LA increases parking permit fees by 10% due to Los Angeles Tax

Anne To, Multimedia Reporter December 8, 2022

In a campus-wide email, Cal State LA’s Parking and Transportation services stated that starting Jan. 1, 2023, all permits, including hourly, daily, monthly, and semester permits, will include a 10% tax.  The...

collage - pink sunset photo in Mumbai with man in foreground and clock repeated

Bollywood to Hollywood: International student transitions to life in East Los Angeles

KeAndre Berry, Community News Reporter November 17, 2022

Before Dhananjay Desai, or DJ, arrived in East Los Angeles from Mumbai, India, he researched what the area was like. He had watched television shows and movies and read about Southern California and...

guy with green tshirt talks with crowd around

City of LA measure ULA: Affordable housing could benefit homeless, elderly

Saadia Jones, Community News Reporter October 14, 2022

Campaign Manager Yuval Yossefy is so excited about a city of Los Angeles ballot measure to tax millionaires, billionaires, and corporations in order to fund affordable housing efforts. That’s why...

Deputy Daniel Padilla is at the sheriffs station in the city of Industry as he prepares for a 10-hour shift.

Measure asks voters to decide if county board can remove sheriff

KeAndre Berry, Community News Reporter October 14, 2022

Should the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors be able to kick a county sheriff out of office? That is what Los Angeles County Measure A would allow for, if it's approved. Both supervisors and...

A building atop a hill at Granada Park,

A proposal for more public parks and spaces

Andres Perez, Community News Reporter October 14, 2022

Eileen Balam sees a city that has been indoors for too long.  That must change, she insists. That’s why she is for the city of Los Angeles’ measure SP, which would fund the acquisition, development,...

A navy tent with several people talking under it.

What can be learned from housing successes in Eagle Rock?

Gavin J. Quinton, Community News Reporter September 13, 2022

If one looks carefully, the Eagle Rock and Highland Park neighborhoods of Los Angeles have had some recent successes in the affordable housing arena that other communities can learn from, according to...

night view with city lights and intersection

Eagle Rock event planner thrives by networking with family-run businesses

Gerardo De Los Santos, Community News Reporter June 18, 2022

Small businesses in Eagle Rock don’t just make the neighborhood special, but they support each other -- helping them survive threats from chain businesses and economic downturns alike. That’s according...

Six men in suits with one woman in light blue on a stage

Hefty contributions for LA mayoral candidates from wealthy areas, including outside the city

Marcos Franco, Community News Reporter May 23, 2022

As Los Angeles enters a post COVID-19 era, the city is yet to fully recover from the effects of the two-year pandemic that left more people on the streets and impacted the livelihood of working Angelenos. So...

Open House sign that says 1-Bed room and 2-bath home for rent in South L.A.

What LA residents need to know about the eviction moratorium, tenant rights

Russell Navarrette, Community News Reporter March 24, 2022

Los Angeles county's COVID-19 tenant protection program expired last year but the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to extend the program earlier this year until at least Dec. 2022. Landlords...

A graph chart of In custody deaths statistic from Report and Oversight Efforts

Record number of deaths in LASD jails

Jessica Lopez, Community News Reporter March 22, 2022

In-custody deaths at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department saw a dramatic rise to 55 deaths in 2021 — the highest when compared to every year since 2013. That’s according to a report by the...

Black garbage bags on sidewalk with trash around it

LA city council looks to combat trash and illegal dumping

Gerardo De Los Santos, Community News Reporter March 21, 2022

Have you ever wondered what’s up with the trash scattered around various Los Angeles neighborhoods and why it can take the city days to respond to complaints about trash? There is an assortment of...

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