The 65th Annual Grammy awards were nothing but fantastic


Collage by Will Baker, UT does not claim ownership of any images, Travis Scott, Cardi B,Harry Styles Beyonce, Bad Bunny, Steve Lacey, all moments from the 2023 Grammys.

Brian Perez, Multimedia Reporter

In what many saw as being a shock, Harry Styles’ “Harry’s House” album defeated Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” album in winning album of the year at the Grammys.

The Grammys were held at the beginning of Feb. at the Los Angeles arena.

Linda Flores, a criminal Justice major, shared her opinion on what she thought about this year’s award show.

“I loved a lot of the nominees so it was difficult for me to decide who I wanted to win until I was watching with my sisters,” she said.

Flores said she is a big fan of both Harry Styles and Bad Bunny.

“When I saw both of them were up for Album of The Year, I was really pulling for Harry even though I think Bad Bunny did get snubbed,” Flores said. “That’s common at the Grammys.”

The Grammys are known for giving these awards to the top artists of various genres.

“I liked the Grammys this year,” said Lex Martinez, a mechanical engineering major. “My favorite part was the Steve Lacy performance since he is an artist from LA. [The Grammys are]  whatever for me, I just watched the performances. I don’t watch it like before since I could care less.”

Martinez said in recent years, the Grammys aren’t looked at the same because there have been artists winning Grammys over ones that “deserved” it, based on sales and streams.

Here is a list article by Insider, of 23 best albums in the history of the awards, showing who many believe were “robbed” over the years.

At the 61 Annual Grammys in 2019, Cardi B won Best Rap Album for “Invasion of Privacy” when many fans were sure that Travis Scott’s “Astroworld” would win, which is not the only time something like that occurred.

Many students spent their time watching the award show to see if their favorite artists would win a Grammy.

Melany Orellana, a law major, thought the Grammys were amazing.

“I loved the whole show from beginning to end,” Orellana said. “It is always nice to see all your favorite musicians from different genres in one place all together, like Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar and the list goes on.”