Treat Yo’ Self

Monica Tamayo , Contributing Writer

We are taught to love others, but rarely ourselves. Stop searching for love in others, and find it within. When you are this young with zero commitments, why not treat yourself as you would your partner?

It does not mean splurging on lavish items to feel better, it can be something as simple as self reminders. Leaving cute notes to yourself on your desk at work for a reminder of all you are capable of doing. A simple note that says “you got this, mija” can go a long way. It is all about lifting yourself up without the help of others. Think of it as self care for your mind, body and soul.

It is beautiful to be independent and to be your own support system. There is nothing wrong with taking time for yourself to reflect on your own needs, to detach from the world and be with your spirit.

Caring for your mind is also another way of treating yourself. Going to parks and watching sunsets alone is actually quite spiritual; it allows you to reflect on life in a positive light and realize the beauty in it. There is a sense of freedom when you are sitting by yourself admiring the world. Free yourself, get lost finding yourself and try to enjoy it.

Try taking yourself out on dates. During Valentine’s Day weekend, a rom-com movie was my date. Admittedly, it was nerve-racking to walk into movie theaters alone while everyone else was partnered up. Anxiety got the best of me at times, fearing what people might think. Sunk deep into my seat, people walked by possibly judging me. Halfway through the movie, the insecurity went away. Surprisingly, it was not uncomfortable walking out of the theater alone.

Being alone is scary; however, understand that you are alone for a reason to learn about yourself. Just like with time, eventually the negative feeling washes away. Take care of yourself spiritually, mentally and physically. Treat yourself with care; your life is absolutely precious and you should never allow yourself to feel inferior.