Veterans Day celebration demonstrates Cal State LA’s appreciation for service members


Upon completion of their military career, or even during, many service members choose to pursue higher education opportunities. 

At Cal State LA, student-veterans are supported by the Veterans Resource Center (VRC), which recently hosted a Veterans Day celebration event to show its appreciation for these students. 

The annual ceremony and reception was held on Nov. 10 and brought together Cal State LA veteran alumni and staff as well as their family, friends and supporters in the University-Student Union plaza for food and fellowship.

Angel Navarro, an Army veteran and current Cal State LA psychology graduate student, and Dylan Moore, a Marine Corps veteran and general counselor in Counseling and Psychological Services in the Student Health Center, delivered the keynote speeches alongside remarks from university President William A. Covino, VRC Director Cesar Gonzalez and a representative from the office of Senator Hilda Solis.  

President Covino spoke on the university’s history and its founding, including military veterans. He thanked all veterans for their service and Golden Eagle veterans for their contributions to Cal State LA. 

We’ve always had people in the military willing and able to protect our communities and our nation from threats, and today we’re here to thank and honor those individuals,” Covino said. “Veterans have stood on the frontlines, ready to pay the ultimate price for the freedoms that we hold dear. And even when they are no longer in uniform, their service continues at Cal State LA.”

Navarro and Moore both spoke about their experiences as veterans, students and staff at Cal State LA. They praised the resources available to them and other military-connected students, like counseling services and the VRC.

“Cal State LA, they really support their veterans,” Navarro said. “They have a much more personal connection with veterans. I think there’s a lot of the VRC, the staff, the director, Cesar, he’s been super great. He, on a director level, will check in individually with students. So I just feel like people really care here, and there’s space for them to care.”

“As a veteran who went through college and benefited greatly from the level of support offered by my faculty, it gives veterans the chance who may be experiencing difficulties with transitioning the opportunity to look at what’s occurring in their life and feel supported in that transition to a college student,” Moore added. “Veterans Day celebrations like this especially means that their service has been recognized, and that helps with their transition here to the college campus.”

The VRC provides veterans with a place to learn about their earned benefits like the G.I. Bill or other monetary assistance for school, connects them with an in-person Veteran Affairs representative each week, offers free printing and more. Veterans are able to connect with one another at the VRC and also gain mentors who are committed to their academic success. Those interested in learning more can visit the VRC on campus in King Hall, D Wing, Room 147.

To all the veterans, we thank you for your service and wish you a happy Veterans Day!