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What first-time voters should know about the process

With all the demands of life and work, voting may not be everyone’s priority. That’s especially true for those who haven’t voted before because they have to invest extra time learning how to do it.

And yet, measures on the ballot and the elected officials chosen have impacted the lives of people throughout the county and state. It’s often those who are most impacted by changes in policies on issues such as housing, healthcare, and climate change who have the least time to be informed about them and to hit the polls.

That’s why UT Community News is breaking the process for first-time voters down into three main steps. Read more.

What do various state and county officials actually do?

State controller. Insurance commissioner. County board of supervisors.

Voters’ eyes can glaze over at the number of different statewide and local elected officials representing various boards and offices.

What do they all do and why does it matter?

Studies have shown that the more informed voters are, and the earlier they learn about the political system, the more likely they are to be civically engaged later.

That’s why UT Community News has created a guide to understanding some key statewide and local elected positions. Read more.

How a measure gets on the ballot in California

Why are there so many ballot measures in California during midterm and presidential election cycles, and how do they get on the ballot in the first place?

There were 11 statewide propositions in the 2018 midterm election and 12 in the 2020 presidential election — and there are seven in the upcoming November election.

California residents have the power to add propositions on the ballot through initiative petitions. Read more.


Eastside parents pay close attention to LAUSD race

Declining enrollment over the past two decades. School policing issues. Funding and resource management. Learning losses due to the global pandemic. Children having to learn remotely. Read More…

Prop. 1

Measure involves access to abortion services

Supporters of a statewide ballot measure to widen access to and affordability of reproductive healthcare say it’s a basic right while opponents offer preventative measures. Read More…

Measure A

Measure asks voters to decide if county board can remove sheriff

Should the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors be able to kick a county sheriff out of office? Read More…

Prop. 29

Kidney dialysis measure back on ballot

Wonder why Proposition 29 — which would beef up requirements at kidney dialysis clinics — looks so familiar? That’s because similar measures were on the ballot twice before and both times, rejected. Read More…

Props. 26 & 27

Strong feelings sparked by measure to legalize sports betting, online gambling

California’s newest gambling ballot measures, Propositions 26 and 27, have shattered fundraising records and splintered public opinion. Read more.

Prop. 31

Measure would uphold ban on flavored tobacco products

Melon twist. Cherry crush. Very vanilla. Bubble gum. These sound like candy flavors but they’re actually the kinds of tobacco products that critics say are marketed to kids. Read more.

Prop. 30

Kidney dialysis measure back on ballot

Hike taxes for multimillionaires. Generate funds to subsidize zero-emission vehicles and pay for wildfire response. Clean up polluted air.

Those are the goals of Prop. 30, which California voters will decide on. Read More…

Huntington Park measure

Ambivalence reported on Huntington Park parking measure

The Huntington Park Overnight Parking Pass Program is a measure that would give residents overnight reserved spaces to park their vehicles in residential areas throughout the city. Read more.

Prop. 28

Prop 28: Should taxpayers help add more arts programs to schools?

Thinking outside of the box. Engaging diverse learners. Providing a creative and therapeutic outlet. Advocates of Prop. 28 said these are benefits of arts education. Read more.

Measure ULA

Affordable housing measure aims to benefit homeless, elderly

Campaign Manager Yuval Yossefy is so excited about a city of Los Angeles ballot measure to tax millionaires, billionaires, and corporations in order to fund affordable housing efforts. Read More…

Measure LH

Affordable housing measure stems from Segregation Era law

Proposition LH, a measure up for a vote in the November 8 election, would allow the city to approve as many as 75,000 new affordable housing units for low-income and unhoused residents.That’s 5,000 units for each of L.A.’s 15 districts. Read More…

Measure SP

A proposal for more public parks and spaces

The city of Los Angeles’ measure SP would fund the acquisition, development, and renovation of open and recreational spaces such as museums, theaters, the L.A. Zoo, pools, beaches, rec centers, childcare, and senior centers, trails, parks, playgrounds, sports fields and courts, and waterways. Read More.


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