A New Way to Dorm

A two-year housing project is underway on the east side of the university dorms.

Cal State L.A. Housing Press Release.

Marissa Chavez, Digital Editor

Starting fall 2021, Cal State LA will be home to 1,500 new beds in the first ever traditional style- student housing.

However, the new eight story building, equipped with elevators, a courtyard and a private skyway that connects to the university campus, will come at a price.

The new price for the dorms will increase by almost $1,500 from the 2018-19 annual rate for the single bedroom apartment. That is roughly $1,400 per month.

“I think it sucks that students have to pay more for something they didn’t really ask for,” said second-year student Thomas Caratskas.

“I am more concerned about where this money is coming from,” he added. “If we have so little money that were kicking out 600 students next year, why would we be creating new dorms?”

Housing Director Rebecca Palmer told the University Times that the new dorms will be funded by a bond from the Chancellor’s Office. She added that there has been a need for new housing for the past few years due to an increase in students wanting to live on-campus and that Cal State LA is, and will remain, one of the lowest costing housing options in the CSU system.

Palmer did not respond when asked whose decision it was to start a new housing project or when it was decided.

The new dorms will only be available to freshman and sophomore students, which means that upper division and graduate students will have to stay in the current dorms.

“It kinda sucks that I’ll be a senior and can’t stay in these nice new dorms and that my rates will still increase,” said Biology student Tim Nyguen.

“It’s true that most students that are juniors, seniors, and even graduate students probably live off-campus anyways, but still, there are students that don’t have that luxury,” said Nyguen.

More information on the construction of the new housing project can be found on the university’s website.