ASI Textbook Scholarship Program aims to help students afford textbook costs


Deadline to apply for textbook help is Monday, Feb. 6 by 5 p.m. Graphic by Will Baker.

An expanded Textbook Scholarship Program has been implemented to help cover textbook costs for full-time students. The program provides financial support to those who might need help with covering costs for their textbooks.

With education costs that most students face, the Textbook Scholarship Program that the Associated Students, Inc (ASI) is an option for students to help alleviate these fees.

This program is on a first-come first-serve basis and will be up to $150 per student.

Executive Director Barnaby Peake spoke about how ASI wanted to help more students by readjusting this program that was originally a book voucher students were able to use at only the campus bookstore.

“ASI wanted to expand the reach of academic support to every Cal State LA student and changed the program to be a reimbursement scholarship, which has made the program accessible to more students,” Peake said. “ASI increased the funding to support it.”

Peake gave insight on how the program was able to get funding to make this program possible.

“The funding for the program is a part of ASI’s annual budget, which comes from student body fees,” Peake said.

ASI collects a fee every academic year of $53.75 per student.

“ASI redistributes the fees back to students in the form of student programming, scholarships, campus-wide events, mentorship, leadership training, assistance for student resource departments and student club events,” Peake said.

With this program taking effect, students say they see this as very helpful to those who would need help in purchasing textbooks.

Fernando Esquivel, a computer information systems major, understands the struggle of purchasing some expensive textbooks.

“It’s great, most classes, especially upper division classes, require you to buy online textbooks,” Esquivel said.  “It’s the first time I’m hearing about this, but yes, this should be said in every class and in the syllabus. My most expensive book costs about $140, which would have helped me a lot.”

Other students agree with it being a helpful program but wish it could be talked about more.

“I love the whole idea of the scholarship but I think it should be expanded to other school books and supplies since it can get pretty expensive,” said Coral Oros, a public health major. “I did not know about this scholarship before. I do believe students could have been given more awareness about this scholarship.”

For more information about the program and its requirements, students can head to the ASI website. The deadline to enroll is Feb. 6 by 5 p.m.