Board Games for the Bored

John F. Kennedy Library is adding a new collection of 30 plus board games for students to enjoy for the first time


Tim Noack/Getty Images

Set pieces of Snakes and Ladders board game. The Cal State LA library is now offering board games for students to use.

The Cal State Los Angeles campus library has been working on adding board games for students leisure but also hope to utilize some of these games for educational purposes.

Tiffanie Ford-Baxter, Cal State LA’s science librarian, noted how the collection would be unique.

“We are getting ones like ‘Photosynthesis’, which are fun to play but also teach you about how photosynthesis works and so that’s kind of how we started to build this collection. Hopefully, some of these games could be used and incorporated in classes or in outreach with our community,” said Ford-Baxter. 

The collection also includes some of the more traditional board games such as “Monopoly”, “Trouble” and the spinoff of “Uno”, “Uno Dare!” 

There is also more party like games that can be played in bigger groups like
“One Night Ultimate Werewolf.” A fast paced game with a group of up to ten people who try to identify and lynch a werewolf to win. 

Kelsey Brown, the communication strategist and event coordinator, thinks the games would be popular among students because she has already received a lot of positive feedback. 

“I had like 50 replies to the Instagram story which doesn’t seem like a lot but it was a lot for us. We haven’t had that many replies ever before to any question or interaction,” said Brown. 

Fifth year student Sergio Gutierrez thought the board game collection is a great idea. 

“I love board games. Probably the best way to socialize. I would check it out if they had something fast paced like Connect 4 or games like that. Games that you can pick up and play,” he said. 

The board games will be available for check-out in a couple of weeks. The library will also host an event alongside ASI on Nov. 7 from 3 p.m – 6 p.m. to celebrate the new collection and International Board Game Week.