BREAKING: Cal State LA student tested positive for COVID-19

Richard Tzul, News Managing Editor

A school-wide email announced that a Cal State LA student has tested positive for COVID-19. The email, sent by Nancy Wada-McKee, the vice president for student life, said “the student is recovering at home in self-isolation and feeling better.”

As determined by the school’s medical director, there is no health risk to the Cal State LA community according to Wada-McKee. “The student has not been on campus for more than three weeks and has not been in physical contact with Cal State LA students, faculty, or staff since that time.”

Her email reminded students to practice health guidelines such as washing their hands and practicing social distancing.

“We urge those who test positive for COVID-19 to contact the Student Health Center at (323) 343-3302,” said Wada-McKee in the email.

Like in previous school-wide announcements, campus community members were encouraged to check out the school’s health watch web page for updates.