BREAKING: Cal State LA cancels classes temporarily and will resume online-only in light of coronavirus concerns

Break in classes will give professors time to transition to alternative teaching methods


Brian Delgado

At the start of week 8, hand sanitizer stations arrive all over campus for precautions against Coronavirus.

Marisa Martinez, Editor-in-Chief

Classes at Cal State LA will be canceled from Monday, March 16, to Thursday, March 19, according to a campus-wide email from the university president.

The change in schedule is in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and an attempt to “keep our students, faculty, and staff healthy,” according to the email, sent on Wednesday by President William A. Covino.

During the days that classes will be cancelled next week, faculty will use the time to transition to teaching online, to “prepare to offer alternative methods of instruction.” 

Alternative instruction will begin Friday, March 20, and be used until Friday, April 24. 

The four weeks of alternative instruction will allow faculty “[to use] means of instruction that do not involve face-to-face gathering,” according to the email.

There are still no known cases of coronavirus at Cal State, the email said.

The email said that throughout the transition period and the alternative instruction period, campus will remain open. Employees of the university will continue doing their day-to-day tasks, according to the email.

In addition, the library and computer labs will continue to be open for students who “lack access to technology.”

Covino states in the email that “local, state and national health officials have recommended social distancing,” to help keep the virus from spreading.

For more information, go to Cal State LA’s Health Watch webpage.