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The student news site of California State University - Los Angeles

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The site of the future Bill Greene Memorial Park at 5800 S Figueroa St., in South L.A. on March 7, 2024.

South L.A. residents ask for green park space — the city answered with concrete and fencing

Jackson Tammariello, Community News Reporter April 1, 2024

South Los Angeles residents are calling for a pause on the development of a sought-after park until city planners address their concerns of its concrete design and lack of green space. The corner of...

Berenice De Anda is a first-generation college student, and La Puente native. She is majoring in political science at UC Riverside. Her goal is to be a member of Congress in the future.

La Puente struggles with air pollution, social-emotional issues that impair academic success

Ashley Cortes and Bianca Morgan March 28, 2024

Berenice De Anda, raised in La Puente, said the city was a wonderful place to grow up and her education there gave her the foundation she needed to thrive at University of California, Riverside, where...

The bike path at Arroyo Seco is one of its popular features. Photo by Cromagnom, license CC BY-SA 3.0,

Construction on the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project won’t start until 2025

Tigran Aslanyan, Community News Reporter March 5, 2024

Tucked beneath the towering San Gabriel Mountains, the Arroyo Seco was once a pristine waterway, teeming with life and thriving against the rugged backdrop. Visits to the waterway this fall show merely...

A barrier converted in recent years to a park divides El Sereno and South Pasadena. Photo by Andre Rueda.

Was the barrier dividing El Sereno and South Pas fueled by a need for safety — or racial stereotypes?

Andre Rueda, Community News Reporter September 30, 2023

On a crisp summer afternoon, a walk to the end of El Sereno’s Van Horne Blvd. will lead into a small park-like fixture at the top of the hill. Ornamental trees surrounded by lush green grass greet...

A picture of the front of Maywood City Hall building.

Maywood plans aim to reduce greenhouse gasses and make the city more bike-friendly

Andres Perez, Community News Reporter December 16, 2022

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Benefits for a sustainable city. Combating climate change. Increasing bike lanes. Those are actions discussed at a recent Maywood City Council meeting when two projects...

A displaced Hispanic camping outside after their home was destroyed.

Buried dreams, generations of trauma in historically Mexican American area

Denis Akbari, Community News Reporter December 13, 2022

To the hard-working families in the communities of Palo Verde, La Loma, and Bishop, their neighborhoods were idyllic in many ways. Vincent Montalvo and Natasha Zarate said their grandparents described...

A Cal Fire helicopter flies above a fire.

The fiery state of California

KeAndre Berry, Community News Reporter December 2, 2022

It is easy to imagine a friendly fireman climbing a ladder to rescue a cat off of a tree, but the reality is firefighters respond to more urgent emergencies -- especially in California where the fires...

A building atop a hill at Granada Park,

A proposal for more public parks and spaces

Andres Perez, Community News Reporter October 14, 2022

Eileen Balam sees a city that has been indoors for too long.  That must change, she insists. That’s why she is for the city of Los Angeles’ measure SP, which would fund the acquisition, development,...

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