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The student news site of California State University - Los Angeles

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When accessibility becomes an issue

Thomas Davila and Adriana Davila October 9, 2023

 The Office of Students with Disabilities’ (OSD) mission is to “provide an equitable learning environment for students with disabilities,” according to the Cal State LA website.   For...

Organization Tip Graphic by Canva.

Tips to stay organized for school

Leslie Magaña Arias, Multimedia Reporter September 13, 2023

As school begins, get your school supplies ready such as notebooks, pens, devices, and tips to stay organized. Going into my senior year, I have found that these tips help me sort out all the things I...

Delaney Hall sitting outside of the University Student Union. Photo by Alyssah Hall.

Spring into style

Alyssah Hall, Senior Multimedia Reporter May 10, 2023

Warm weather and sunshine inspired students to sport these vibrant and stylish spring looks on campus. Add green, blood orange, lavender, pastel pink and teal to brighten your wardrobe. According to In...

What personal fears mean to a college student and how to overcome them. Graphic by Anne To.

What personal fears mean to a college student and how to overcome

Denis Akbari, Digital Editor April 8, 2023

“Don’t be afraid of taking risks, be confident in your abilities and in who you are.” This is a quote Elijah Green, a communication major, would tell his younger self if he could go back in time. When...

Rainbow Mediterranean Salad. Photo by Skye Connors.

Cooking to Cure: Olive this salad…and you will, too

Skye Connors, Contributor March 23, 2023

It’s no secret that the foods we eat affect our physical and mental health. “Eat Better, Feel Better” is practically my motto. Philosopher Hippocrates said it best: “Let food be thy medicine and...

Students having a hard time finding when to practice yoga should consider taking one of the many yoga classes offered each semester. During the 2022-2023 year, the class was listed as KIN 1079 in the course catalog. Graphic by Will Baker.

Morning Necessities: Let’s get physical

Oscar Torres, Community News Digital Editor March 22, 2023

When getting out of bed and feeling lazy, it’s better to get moving immediately than to sit down and waste opportunities. That can be said for most people, as around eight to 10 Americans exercise...

Photo by Skye Connors.

Cooking to Cure: Let’s taco-bout skin care

Skye Connors, Intern Reporter March 6, 2023

The revenue of the United States’ cosmetics industry is more than 49 billion dollars. According to the New York Post, the average American woman ends up spending $3,756 towards beauty treatments per...

A stew-pendous bowl of Chicken Tomato Tortilla stew, equally full of fiber and flavor. Photo by Skye Connors.

Cooking to Cure: Stew-pendous stomach serum

Skye Connors, Intern Reporter February 10, 2023

What does that shady discount seafood place around the corner have in common with presentation day in COMM 1000? Someone’s gonna get a “stomach ache.” You get them, I get them, we all hate them....

Curl up with a good book this winter break

Jessica Liu, Intern Reporter November 28, 2022

The semester is coming to a close, and soon it’ll be winter break—time for sleeping in, hanging out with friends, sipping warm tea and wrapping ourselves in layers and layers of blankets.  One...

Cooking to Cure: S(m)oothe your headaches

Cooking to Cure: S(m)oothe your headaches

Skye Connors, Intern Reporter November 28, 2022

What does a Starbucks venti quadruple shot of espresso have in common with the philosophy of quantum mechanics? They both can give students headaches.  With the end of the semester looming, students...

Black Friday and Cyber Monday accounted for nearly $20 billion in 
revenue for the 2022 shopping season

5 Black Friday tips and deals

Victoria Ivie, Managing Editor November 14, 2022

Every year, Black Friday is a day of savings and a way for stores to get rid of overstock. Here are tips and some of the best deals for students. Start early since stores like Target and Walmart already...

protesters protesting about abortion rights.

Abortion access at CSUs

Jessica Lopez, Multimedia Reporter November 14, 2022

In the aftermath of Roe v. Wade’s overturning, many across the country have raised concerns over abortion access. In California, where abortion is legal, college students have raised accessibility concerns...

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