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In this photo someone stand up with the Graduation Award and hooded with the academic award

How I became the ‘princess of clubs’ in my own Alice in Wonderland adventure

Xennia Hamilton, Community News Reporter November 20, 2021

In high school, I didn't have many friends. I was shy, a bookworm and simply was the person who didn’t speak much. That was until I met my best friend, Robert Canales, in senior year. It would change...

A student wearing a mask carrying a paper bag with food items in it. There is also food items behind him in the background which is yellow.

Students share their food pantry experience

Stephanie Medina, Reporter November 7, 2021

Every week, 200 students are allowed to sign up and receive a bag of food from the Cal State LA food pantry. “Students shouldn’t be forced to starve themselves, especially with their busy schedules,”...

Photo shows an animated girl eating at a restaurant. Giant neon utensils are displayed on top of restaurant.

New Everytable to provide students with more food options

Mia Alva, Managing Editor October 20, 2021

Another Everytable has opened this fall giving students on the south side of campus easier access to meals without having to make the walk to the food court.   With construction originally starting...

The Breed Street Shul, once the center of Jewish worship in Los Angeles, has been closed for renovations

Take a scenic hike through… Boyle Heights?

Jordan O’Kelley, Community News Reporter October 13, 2021

When you think of taking a long, recreational walk-in California, images of sunny hillsides and calm beaches may come to mind, not the bustling streets of Los Angeles. However, representatives of an...

Residents of Lincoln Heights enjoying the fair. (by Braylin Collins, UT)

Boys and Girls Club Fair brings Lincoln Heights back together

Braylin Collins, Community News Reporter October 12, 2021

Last year was the first time in five years that the Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club canceled its annual Fair on Broadway in the community to help raise funds for the youth programs it provides to Lincoln...

Illustration shows a woman standing on one leg stretching, and work out equipments like treadmills and weights are also illustrated.

Reopening of Xtreme Fitness Center has students excited

Erick Cabrera , Staff Reporter October 6, 2021

The newly reopened Xtreme Fitness Center is welcoming Golden Eagles back into the gym with some enhancements. Featuring new rubber flooring and strength equipment, the center has expanded into former...

Vendors engage with event attendees as the night rolls in. (Courtesy of Erik Adams. UT.)

El Monte farmers market returns in time to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Erik Adams, Community News Reporter October 4, 2021

Just as El Monte residents were starting to enjoy having a new farmers market in town in 2020, it was shut down because of the pandemic. Now, it’s back in full swing and there’s a lot to celebrate,...

Photo shows 11 Delta Sigma Chi members posing in-front of their letters.

Fraternities and sororities: It’s not all about the parties

Stephanie Medina, Reporter October 1, 2021

Prior to becoming a pledge educator, Alex Nguyen only went to school to attend classes. University events and clubs were never on his radar.  That all changed when Nguyen joined a fraternity in the fall...

Image shows Cal State LA dorms.

Student Housing East has become the ‘college experience’ for freshman and sophomores

Genesis Gonzalez, Reporter September 23, 2021

Cal State LA freshmen and sophomores looking forward to the college experience are brought together by the new dorms. “It is a home away from home,” said Danae Rodriguez Castro, a criminal justice...

Illustration of a person deciding what to eat. Some of the food choices include sushi, tacos, pizza, egg, and broccoli .

Review: Everytable makes coming out of my “nummy” phase easier

Stephanie Medina, Reporter September 20, 2021

The “nummy'' phase, as my friends call it, is having the taste buds of a child. Anytime I go out to eat with my friends, they tell me I’m stuck in the nummy phase because I always order chicken...

Woman with curly hair and a black and white patterned scarf and matching glasses.

The dancer who found a new beginning in vegan cooking

Marisa Martinez, Community News Editor August 18, 2021

Norma Pérez was stunned as she watched the 2005 documentary “Earthlings.” She couldn’t shake off scenes of animals being skinned alive and close-ups of shelter dogs being euthanized. With...

Three ovals depicting the proposed fitness center, each with a different color scheme. One is black and green, another is orange and blue and the third is black and gray.

A ‘neon’ green light for City of Bell fitness center

Sam Garcia, Community News Reporter April 27, 2021

After getting feedback and discussing the proposed look of the Ernest Debs Park Fitness Gym Rehabilitation Project at five meetings — and receiving some criticism about what was described as a “Monster...

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