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Cal State LA students make the most of the Thanksgiving break

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November 25, 2020

After a semester spent in the dorms, second-year student Tyre’onna West is leaving for Thanksgiving to be with some of her family in Texas. Thanksgiving is typically a time of uniting with the whole...

Cal State LA students struggle to stay motivated for online classes

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October 15, 2020

Ricardo Munguia, a computer science major, said he felt more isolated this semester by having a relationship with his computer rather than with new people. Munguia described how instead, his life has become...

Quarantine complaints: Students address issues like body aches and weight gain

Quarantine complaints: Students address issues like body aches and weight gain
September 21, 2020

The University Times conducted a Google survey which gathered 70 responses of students’ thoughts and reactions during quarantine. The survey found 57 percent of students said they started to experience...

Zoom etiquette: Nine tips to keep in mind during the next school year

According to learning and teaching experts on campus, Zoom is the future. Here are nine ways to help navigate online classes for the remainder of the school year.
According to the Center for Effective Teaching and Learning, Zoom is the future. Here are some ways to help navigate it.
September 16, 2020

While Cal State LA students will be spending most of their time on Zoom this academic year, some might find it hard to connect with their peers appropriately on the internet.  The Center for Effective...

The Future is invisible

Illustration by Crystal Nigo-Bravo
March 9, 2020

On Monday, an on-campus speaker was introduced as a “futurist.” Robert Tercek, author of the book “Vaporized,” gave a talk on the future of society. He argued he is not a “futurist,” but...

It’s Time To Play

EA main stage where developers and content creators held their conference.
EA hosts their conference connecting players to the games they love
June 10, 2019

Last weekend, gamers had the opportunity to register for free for an Electronic Arts (EA) video game showcase; EA Plays at the Hollywood Palladium. Many attended looking for what EA promises to offer...

13 Places on Campus to Grab a Bite this Summer

Outside view of University Club
June 10, 2019

Once spring semester ends, Cal State LA has far less students, staff and faculty around which causes the on campus food businesses to reduce their hours of operation. Here is a list of the available restaurants...

Grand Opening Eats

Grand Opening Eats
February 6, 2019

The latest produce-focused meal service on campus–Everytable–celebrated its grand opening Monday, Jan. 28. Those in attendance included: President William A. Covino, Vice President Jose Gomez, and...

An Alternative to Campus Eats

Outside view of Everytable. Photo by Joseph P. Pinto
A new healthy-food option is now being served on campus.
January 23, 2019

As college students, there are only so many food choices that are available on campus. Most of the time it is a fast food chain that is often overpriced and not all nutritional. However, there is a new...

The abused child who grew up to be a popular model

Beautiful Kiana Alexis on a billboard in New York.
December 4, 2018

Kiana Alexis, 24, is a face you may recognize. It’s plastered on billboards in Times Square in New York City and on the Beverly Center in Beverly Hills. Her eyes are projected on the top of the Cosmopolitan...

Four Great Study Spots Near East Los Angeles

Four cozy study spots near campus, detailing Tierra Mia Coffee, Starbucks coffee, tea house and Copa Vida.
Cozy coffee shops off-campus
November 13, 2018

The threat of finals week looms, both ominous and inevitable, striking a mixture of fear and relief into the hearts of both first years and seniors alike. Between work and Netflix, friends and family,...

Michael’s Money Moves

Michael Alvarez is placing his hand gently on a clothing rack
Meet Cal State LA’s self-made entrepreneur.
October 16, 2018

Chances are that you’ve seen a young man sitting on a ledge for long hours on the corner of King Hall every Thursday afternoon–that’s Michael Alvarez, a 23-year-old Cal State LA Mathematics major...

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