Spring into style

Delaney Hall sitting outside of the University Student Union. Photo by Alyssah Hall.

Warm weather and sunshine inspired students to sport these vibrant and stylish spring looks on campus. Add green, blood orange, lavender, pastel pink and teal to brighten your wardrobe. According to In Style, these are some of the year’s trendiest spring colors. While denim, Midi skirts, baggy jeans, blazers, sheer tops, and bold color bottoms are a part of the many spring 2023 clothing trends, according to Vogue.

Marlee Hoy

Rehabilitation services major, Marlee Hoy said her skirt is from a unisex clothing brand, her shirt was thrifted in Portland and her bag is Telfar.

“I love color, I love baggy fitting clothing. I feel like it’s a way to inspire others and also you know you feel better about yourself when you get dressed [up].”

Delaney Hall

“I’m wearing a denim skirt I made and then just a one-sided cream crop top that I crocheted,” said film major Delaney Hall.

Edwin Pineda

Edwin Pineda, a history major, said that his pants are from Zara, and his shoes are Nike SBs.

“The shirt I got in Guatemala. It’s indigenously made so yeah, supporting my people out there,” Pineda said.

Arlette Esqueda rehabilitation services major

“It’s a wraparound skirt, I got it in Mexico when I traveled last year to see my grandma. It was like a native store, so I really liked it,” Arlette Esqueda, a rehabilitation services major, said. Esqueda also said that her shirt is from Target.

Seiji Kim communications major

Communications major Seiji Kim said that the flowers blooming and the sun shining inspired his outfit choice. “So today I just woke up, and I was like, ‘You know what, I want to do something spring-related, something green.’”

Jennifer Zamora

“My shirt is from Shein and then my pants, they’re baggy pants from Hollister. I’m wearing the Bad Bunny shoes- the new collab,” said Jennifer Zamora, a Spanish literature major.