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Incoming freshmen are making connections through a screen

Mia Alva, Social Media editor May 14, 2021

Before Fall 2021 comes into play, incoming freshmen are already finding new ways to connect with their future classmates through apps like Instagram, Discord, and Snapchat. It all started in December...

Rodriguez sitting on his PC setup for gaming (PC - Raul Rodriguez)

Gaming provides comfort amid Covid

Cornell Chuaseco, Community News Reporter/Photojournalist April 14, 2021

As we hit the one-year mark of the pandemic, many of us have pursued different hobbies to help us relax during quarantine. One of the popular activities that people stuck at home took interest in was online...

Illustration of an eagle with a security lock

Mandatory two-step verification

Zoe Little, Social Media editor March 10, 2021

A new update from the University's technology department has made 2-step verification mandatory for all faculty and student MyCalStateLA accounts, starting today for faculty and March 24 for students....

A clock with social media app logos inside.

Stepping away from social media

Mia Alva, Staff Reporter February 19, 2021

Guillermo Aranda, a kinesiology major, caught himself on his phone late at night for three hours straight, his eyes “struggling to stay open” while scrolling through Instagram and Twitter. Aranda said...

Photo illustration by Joshua Mejia.

GroupMe alleged cheating scandal causes Cal State LA to trend on Twitter

Tahiti Salinas, Rosio Flores, and Marisa Martinez February 11, 2021

Cal State LA started trending on Twitter Wednesday night after allegations of cheating arose.  The misconduct was brought forward by a student who allegedly called out the actions of her fellow classmates...

This image was made by Tahiti Salinas through Canva using Sketchify elements.

2020 trends offer students more than entertainment

Mia Alva, Intern Reporter December 30, 2020

After a year loaded with downfalls, students reflected on the 2020 trends that helped them get through quarantine and a full semester of virtual learning.   Among many trends the year brought on,...

Struggling to adjust to online testing

Struggling to adjust to online testing

Mia Alva , Intern Reporter November 12, 2020

With midterms over and finals around the corner, testing has morphed into a different animal under the pandemic. In-person exams are out of the question and online exams have become the norm.   Lauren...

Spring 2021 Goes Virtual | Time toTalk Ep. 10

September 23, 2020

On this week’s edition of Time to Talk, the University Times discusses staying online for the spring semester, Zoom etiquette and student’s experiencing back and neck pains during quarantine.

According to learning and teaching experts on campus, Zoom is the future. Here are nine ways to help navigate online classes for the remainder of the school year.

Zoom etiquette: Nine tips to keep in mind during the next school year

Marisa Martinez, Digital Editor September 16, 2020

While Cal State LA students will be spending most of their time on Zoom this academic year, some might find it hard to connect with their peers appropriately on the internet.  The Center for Effective...

Bernie supporters still want to have sway in the presidential campaign. (Photo by Parker Johnson on Unsplash)

Opinion: Hearing out Sanders’ supporters and other voices on Twitter can be exhausting but enlightening

Ethan Axtell, Community News Reporter April 15, 2020

Looking for elevated and articulate political discourse on Twitter is like searching for Michelin Star cuisine in a dumpster, guided only by your tongue. You’ll never find what you’re looking for but...

The brand new Porsche Taycan is shown as on lookers gander.

Clean Air Vehicles Usher in New Era in the Auto Industry

Erick Brigham, Multimedia Journalist November 30, 2019

Clean-air vehicles provided a glimpse of the future at the L.A. Auto Show. The annual car show, which runs from Nov. 22 through Dec. 1, introduced concept cars to production-ready models. Porsche revealed...

Rest Your Bod in a Pod

Erick Brigham, Multimedia Journalist October 1, 2019

Cal State LA has a new way of combating exhaustion on campus: relaxation pods.  The three pods are over four-feet in length and feature a Cal State LA logo on the side. The pods retail at $13,000 each,...

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