City of Orgs Engages Incoming Freshmen and Transfers

Jennifer Jaramillo, a child development major, spins an Amazon Prime spinner and wins a micro-fiber cloth. The booth is from the Hispanic Business Society.

Jillian Bell, Staff Reporter

Freshmen and transfer students were recently given the opportunity to see Cal State LA as more than just a commuter university as clubs, organizations, sororities and fraternities filled some of the main campus walkways, offering students new paths to enhance their college experience. 

“Right now, I’m mostly in STEM related organizations, but I’m trying to branch out and join more that are politically helping the community,” said Chemistry transfer student Angel Arredondo. “I want more outreach in our communities, so that is what I’m looking for.” 

With the goal of connecting with undocumented students on campus, especially freshman and transfer students, to “ build solidarity and stronger undocumented presence here at Cal State LA,” History major and President of Students United to Reach Goals in Education (SURGE), Horacio Gonzalez, encourages freshmen to start organizing right away. 

“Not only will you be involved and more aware of the issues that are in society and around campus, but you will also learn to be more open and stronger as an individual, as a leader – you will develop those qualities that will help you anywhere you go to seek out justice and equity for all people … in whatever community,” said Gonzalez.

Some students were quick to find an organization that fit their needs, or in some cases, their hobbies.  

Graphic Design freshman Estaban Solis stated that he was most interested in joining the Cal State LA “Super Smash Bros. Club.”

“Super Smash Bros.” is a Nintendo fighting game and according to Solis, it is “the best game ever.”

Later this month, the club will host a competition for members to challenge each other in the video game. 

Solis said he is excited to be practicing with people who are either at the same skill level, or higher than he is. “I want to train myself more just to beat them.”  

For other students, finding and joining the perfect organization was not as easy.  

“I was never interested in Greek life,” said Criminal Justice major and Pan-African Studies minor, Rayana Ross. “My sophomore year I kind of forced myself to get out there … and now, as crazy as it sounds, I am a member of the Halsi Steppers and Dance Team – I’m on the board as treasurer and I’m a member of Delta Sigma Theta.”

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