Color in the Air

A special Indian celebration with music, food, and colors was celebrated at an El Monte park this past weekend.

Color throw at the Holi Festival in Los Angeles.

Marissa Chavez, Digital Editor

Thousands of LA residents celebrated the arrival of spring this past Saturday and Sunday by mirroring the Holi tradition of singing, dancing and throwing a mass of colors in the air.

In North India, Holi is a special ceremony that was derived from ancient legends. Followers join together each year to celebrate the burning effigy of the demoness Holika.

Whittier Narrows Park was filled with bright colors as families and friends danced to the sound of live Indian music and performances by BollyPop dancers and participated in interactive yoga.

The traditional ceremony uses loud music and liquid color to welcome friendship and harmony to all. Los Angeles prohibits the use of liquid colors since the weather is colder here than it is in India, so dry colors were used in its place.

People enjoyed throwing their colors in the air to represent their worries while also celebrating the passing of winter and the arrival of spring.