Eagle Alerts: How To Verify Your Contact Information

Rosio Flores, Staff Reporter

With the recent unsubstantiated threats made on-campus, it’s important to make sure you are receiving Eagle Alerts.

An Eagle Alert is part of the University’s emergency notification system, which sends students, staff, and faculty alerts via their emails or text messages.

According to the Administration Technology website, Eagle Alerts are only sent when the situations are carefully assessed and deemed “serious enough to warrant a notification.”

Fires, earthquakes, and acts of violence that pose an impending threat to the safety of the campus all warrant an Eagle Alert. 

Students are automatically enrolled in this notification system. The contact information used for this system is gathered from the numbers and emails currently listed within the University’s Student Administration and Human Resources systems.

Students, staff, and faculty should verify their contact information, and make sure the number listed is not a landline as the alerts are sent through a text message. 

Students can check or update their phone numbers if they log onto their GET (Golden Eagle Territory) account, go to self-service and then click “phone numbers” located under Campus Personal Information. Faculty and staff can follow the same guidelines. 

Students and staff can also opt-out of receiving text alerts by contacting Human Resources Management at 323-343-3694. However, even if text alerts are off, emailed alerts will still be sent out via the students’ and staff members’ email addresses.

For more information, students can visit the Administrative Technology Eagle Alert site, though the contact person on this site has not been updated.