Golden Eagle women’s tennis celebrated the seniors


Irene Hernandez

Berta Acero, Noa Davico and Chelsea Ruiz pose for a photo during senior day.

What was supposed to be the final game of the season for the women’s tennis team turned out to be a celebration and friendly tennis match among the team members and some of the men’s soccer players. 

The tennis team was ready for the final match of the season against Point Loma, only to find out that the game had been canceled due to not having an official. 

“We have one official and if that official says they are not going to show up, then we can’t have a match and that’s what happened,” said Richard Gallien, head coach of the tennis team. 

“I was excited because it was the last game of the season, but at least we get to play one last time together,” senior Noa Davico said.

“It’s actually pretty upsetting just because you get into this mindset of ‘this is going to be my last game,’ and just to be told ‘oh the game will no longer happen’ is upsetting,” senior Chelsea Ruiz said.

“It’s a mix of emotions,” senior Berta Acero said. “I’m happy about spending the day with them, but I’m sad because it’s my last tennis match. I’ve played tennis since I was eight, so I’m happy and sad at the same time.”

The three graduating seniors know that they have come across lifelong friends and are very thankful for the team, the coaches and their families who have always supported them. 

“My journey has been nothing but nice,” Acero said. “I love my team. We have fun together. We do everything together. We practice hard, support each other and have each other’s backs. They made everything easier because being far from home is not easy, but they’ve made it easy.”

Not having an actual match gave the players time to talk and have fun with friends. 

“It allows us to celebrate them even better today because if they were to have a match, then it has to be shorter and more to the point so that we can go on with the match,” Gallien said. “The fact that they’re graduating and going on to a whole new aspect of their life makes you feel very proud for them.”

A message that the seniors had for the Golden Eagles is to believe in yourself and enjoy the journey. 

“Believe in your dreams because I came to America [from France]  without knowing any English, and now I’m going back home with a degree and a new language,” Davico said.

“Try to enjoy as much of it as you can,” Ruiz said. “You will never experience something like you do when you are in a team.”