Measles Exposure Leaves Hundreds Quarantined

The Department of Public Health requires many at the university to be quarantined for possible measles exposure.

As the measles outbreak occurred, students became wary of entering the library in fear of catching the virus.

Kyle Frizol, Editor In Chief



Early this week, an email was sent to the Cal State LA community regarding a possible measles exposure that may have occurred at the University Library on April 11, 2019. Between the hours of 11am and 3pm on that day, faculty, students and staff who visited the University Library were urged to check their vaccination records. If they did not have record of a vaccination, individuals were urged to visit the Student Health Center for a blood test to determine if they had immunity to measles or would need a vaccine.

However, a few days later, the Department of Public Health asked employees at and near Library North to be sent home under quarantine orders, where some still remain.

The press release from Communications and Public Affairs on Thursday stated:  “Since a majority of library workers may have been exposed and will not return to work until they are cleared, the library is reducing hours until April 30 or sooner, depending on how quickly employees are cleared.”

It also provided instructions on where to find this information. According to the statement,  “These reduced hours of operation can be found on the library website. Signs are also posted at the library entrance.”

Dozens of University Library faculty, student assistants and staff gathered at the Student Health Center Thursday, waiting to have their blood tested and to be given a vaccination to protect from the viral infection.

For many, the measles exposure at the University has affected their work and school schedules. As finals week approaches, hundreds of students and faculty still are not cleared to leave their homes and return to their jobs and education.

According to the university’s campus announcement emailed on Friday regarding the measles exposure, “By Friday afternoon, 110 students and 21 staff had been cleared.”

However, many remain uncleared.

As of Friday, “106 staff and 550 students are under quarantine orders from the Department of Public Health and have been told to stay home and avoid contact with others as much as possible,” according to the campus announcement.

At this time, the Department of Public Health is urging all individuals in the university community to visit the Student Health Center or a primary doctor to arrange for an appointment to get tested and vaccinated.

For more guidance and information about measles, visit the university’s Health Watch website.