President Covino Under Review


Marisa Vasquez

Former Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Lynn Mahoney (left) and Cal State LA President William A. Covino (right) at the Academic Senate meeting on Tuesday, April 23

Joshua Letona, Copy Editor

Cal State LA students and faculty can now submit confidential comments on President Covino as he is under review of the CSU Board of Trustees. 

In an open letter to Cal State LA, Chancellor Timothy White announced that Covino’s presidency, will be reviewed while considering feedback from students and faculty.

Those who wish to participate can write a letter or email to the Chancellor with their comments on the current state of Cal State LA and President Covino. Although, unsigned letters will not be accepted as well as petitions.

Organizations on campus, like the Academic Senate, the Alumni Association, the Associated Students and the University Advisory Board will be contacted for their comments as well.

All responses should address one of the six criteria: General Administrative Effectiveness, Working Relations with the System and the Campus, Educational Leadership and Effectiveness, Community Relations, Major Achievements and Personal Characteristics.

Each of the criteria will be looked at closely as the board reviews the campus and the president. For more details on each of the criteria, students and faculty can visit the website.

At the end of the process, all responses will be made into a summarized report that will be brought to the board and discussed with President Covino. The names of those who submit a response, and the context within it, will remain confidential.

Students and faculty can send email responses to [email protected] or mail their response to the following address: 

Timothy P. White, Chancellor

The California State University

401 Golden Shore, Suite 641

Long Beach, California 90802-4210 

Responses must be submitted no later than Sept. 30, 2019. 

The review process is standard CSU policy as presidents and their campuses are required to be reviewed every three years, according to Chancellor White in his open letter to Cal State LA. 

“Please keep in mind that this is intended to be a constructive process that should benefit the presidency and the university.”