Student clubs you can join since there is no “Club Rush”


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Briana Munoz, Reporter

As the university continues to function through a virtual platform, it may be unclear as to which campus clubs are currently active and which are not. Prior to the pandemic, Cal State LA offered “Club Rush,” in which over 150 clubs and student organizations would line up their booths on the university’s main walkway and students could sign up.

During another remote semester, students are still being encouraged by the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) staff to connect with the programs they have to offer.

“The value of student involvement remains just as important now than ever,” states the CSI welcome message. “Although the mode may have changed from in-person to virtual, we know that Cal State LA student leaders and organizations will continue to provide and contribute to student life through meaningful and purposeful initiatives, events and opportunities.” 

In no particular order, below is a list of active Cal State LA clubs that are open to all students.

The Art History Society

This long-time established club focuses on the appreciation of all art. According to Allegria Garcia, the president of the club, their meetings consist of members exchanging creative ideas and conversations about what they love about the arts. 

“We do everything virtually from symposium lecture series to hanging out in the evenings,” said Garcia. “We would not be able to do what we do without the great amount of talent and intelligence provided by all of our members.”

The Art History Society hosts meetings every Monday at 7 p.m. For more information students can message the club via Instagram (@csula_ahs) or through email [email protected]

The Edible Garden Club 

Andrea Dominguez, the president of the Edible Gardening Club, says the club is still up and running despite not being face-to-face. The Edible Garden club is focused on inviting guest speakers and providing a platform for students to discuss topics such as gardening and composting. 

Dominguez added that she hopes students of various majors become more involved with the club. At the moment, most of their members consist of natural science and nutritional science majors.

“When they [students of other majors] see edible gardening they think, ‘Oh, it’s just like gardening and how to take care of your vegetables,’ but it’s so much more than that,” said Dominguez. “The part I like to focus on is food accessibility. That’s where my heart lies.”

The club plans to hold bi-weekly meetings on Thursday around 12 p.m. and more information can be found on the Edible Gardening Club’s Instagram (@ediblegardenclub.calstatela).

The Music Meditation Club 

This club seeks to create an atmosphere for students to rejuvenate and learn about meditation. Hari Dasa, the president of the Music Meditation, said they host various Zoom meetings throughout the week for students to join at the time that is most convenient for them. The meetings involve collaborating with other meditation clubs from different universities, primarily other Cal State universities.

Dasa added that he has enjoyed “being able to to find community in relation to these difficult times.”

More information about the club can be found on their Instagram page (@csulameditation).

Following is a list of active clubs open to students who are involved in specific majors.

The Liberal Studies Club 

Stephanie Martinez, the president of the Liberal Studies Club, said the student organization is committed to supporting the liberal studies community. Club meetings take place only a few times throughout the semester, but students can schedule one-on-one meetings with officers for support and resources. The club also offers a mentorship program for liberal studies students.

Martinez, the club’s president, said she appreciates “being a part of a team and being able to share resources, as well as having that support system from classmates.” 

Updates on the clubs events and meetings can be found on their Instagram (@csula_lbs_club). 

The Student Dietetic Association 

According to the Student Dietetic Club’s Instagram page, the student organization focuses on nutrition, food, and health. Although it is open to all majors who are interested in health, the club provides many resources for nutritional science students seeking to expand their network and receive mentorship.

More information on the Student Dietetic Association can be found on their Instagram (@csula_sda).