BREAKING: Cal State LA Commencement 2020 canceled

Marisa Martinez, Editor-in-Chief

“Commencement 2020 will not be held this spring” according to a campus-wide email sent out on Tuesday by Cal State LA President William A. Covino. This decision came after a string of California State Universities postponed or canceled their commencements due to COVID-19 concerns.

There is no indication of the ceremony being postponed, but the school “will address the question of how best to acknowledge the hard work and achievement of our students” during the remainder of the semester.

The email went on to say that university staff and faculty will be utilizing “telework” as a means to continue day-to-day operations. Covino hopes this will minimize face-to-face interactions – preventing the virus form potentially spreading – while continuing to provide campus services to students.

In addition, the email stated that all “in-person instructional labs, studios, and performance spaces” will now be closed. Students are instructed to contact their professors for further instructions.

Covino closed his letter acknowledging the Cal State LA campus community’s “value and ethos” throughout the multiple changes that continue to affect the university due to the coronavirus.

“I’m proud of you all for the strength of character, resilience, and dexterity you’ve displayed during this crisis,” he said in the email. “Please continue to take care of yourselves and of each other.”