BREAKING: Second reported COVID-19 case at Cal State LA

Richard Tzul, News Managing Editor

A second reported case of a Cal State LA student with COVID-19 was announced via a school wide email on Monday.

“The student has not been on campus for nearly three weeks, days before starting to experience symptoms, and has not physically been in contact with anyone in our community since that time,” said the email written by Monica Jazzabi, the school’s director and medical chief of staff.

The email, which opened with a reminder not to travel during the newly arrived spring break, said the student is “doing well” under current self isolation. Jazzabi concluded that “this case has not posed a threat of exposure to the University community.”

Like in its previous Friday announcement of the first confirmed infected Cal State LA student, the school urges its campus community members to notify the Student Health Center if they’ve come down with the virus.

“When Cal State LA learns of individuals in our community who test positive, we can offer direction and support, and assess any potential issues that may need to be addressed.”

The email lists multiple steps to take if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms including self isolation for at least a week and at least three days after recovering, not sharing a bathroom if possible-if that’s not possible then immediately disinfect the restroom after usage and wearing a mask if around others.

“Seek urgent medical care for serious symptoms such as difficulty breathing or inability to keep fluids down,” said Jazzabi. “People with life-threatening symptoms should call 911.”

Those who have been exposed to people with COVID-19 are expected to self-quarantine, said the email. Campus community members who have been in personal contact with those carrying the virus are also asked to notify the student health center.

As with every major announcement in the last few weeks, students, faculty and staff were encouraged to monitor the school’s Health Watch webpage for updates.

“These are stressful times for everyone, and I ask that you please be kind to yourself and others as we battle this pandemic together,” Jazzabi concluded in her announcement. “Take good care.