BREAKING: Vehicle fire surrounds transit center with smoke


Photo courtesy of Janet Ali

Vehicle fire surrounded Cal State LA transit center with smoke.

On Thursday, Se​pt. 8, at around 5 p.m., reports of a vehicle fire came in near the Cal State LA transit center.

Along with this historic heatwave reported this week, students who commute had to contend with the cloud of smoke that enveloped the station.

Students like Naomie Shah, a computer science major, said she was not affected by the fire, as fires are normal in California.

Shah added, “It shouldn’t be normal to have fires all the time.”

In the distance, students could see the signs of the smoldering brushfire from up above on campus grounds. A fire truck and police car were already on the scene, parked off the 10 freeway ramp near the Cal State LA Busway Station.

It is currently unknown how the fire started or when it was put out. 

A representative from the Department of Public Safety said that since the fire happened outside of campus, near the freeway, they were unable to respond to the fire as it was outside their jurisdiction and that further information would come later, once they file a police report.

A similar fire occurred last semester on April 25, which was also near the transit center. The damage done by that brushfire was minimal, having only burned brush, grass and a tree.