Campus Voices: Coronavirus

Richard Tzul, News Managing Editor


UPDATE: Thursday, March 12 @ 3:38pm

Cal State LA classes have been cancelled from March 16 to March 19. The cancellation period is intended to allow professors to transition to “alternative instruction,” which will commence on Friday, March 20. The Wednesday announcement was made via email by school president William Covino.

The announcement followed an earlier Tuesday declaration which banned public events on campus.

Minutes before the cancellation of classes were announced, the UT interviewed campus community members on their thoughts on the banning of public events on campus and the pandemic itself.

“It’s understandable, I guess it sucks that we can’t have, like, our club meetings anymore and like, we had to cancel tabling today,” said Cameron Ceniza, a member of the Japanese Media Arts and Culture Club.

Along with the ban, classes will be shifting to online beginning next week. Cal State LA is only one of several universities throughout the country to implement such a response.

The virus has also impacted the travel industry. On Wednesday, President Donald Trump announced a travel ban barring entry to the country from the European Union-exempting American citizens and legal residents. The ban will be implemented “at midnight Friday.” Plus, the U.S. State Department has cautioned Americans “to reconsider travel abroad.

“It’s more [frustrating], it’s more so intruded in my, like, personal plans for travel,” said Jonathan Lopez, a political science major.

On Thursday, the L.A. Times reported that the Disneyland and California Adventures in Anaheim will shut down starting Saturday for the remainder of the month, yet another hit to the travel and tourism industry.

On the same day, the stock market took a serious hit, with Wall Street having its worst day since 1987.