Do soulmates exist?

When to say ‘I love you’

Penguins often mate for life, according to Graphic by Fatima Rosales.

Dear Denis,

Do people have soulmates? How long should you wait to say “I love you?”

– Angel


Dear Angel,

I’ve always had the firm belief that people have soulmates. But I don’t think we have only one soulmate. I think we have countless soulmates in our lifetime and we might not even meet all of them in this life. Nevertheless, soulmates aren’t just romantic, they could be our friends or siblings too. Soulmates are those special souls that we get to have a deep connection with, which is very rare.

For your second question, I don’t think there is a timeline for love. However, I do think “I love you” is said too much nowadays and people don’t even know what it means. I am also guilty of this. I have said “I love you” to partners while I was in relationships because that is just something that you just feel like you have to do after a while, when you are in a committed relationship with someone. But I realized later on that I confused care, affection and lust for love. So before you want to tell someone “I love you,” I urge you to ask yourself some questions.

Can you be unapologetically yourself with this person? If this person didn’t have all the material things they have now, would you still feel that love for them? Even if you end up not together one day, do you still want the best for them? Do you see yourself building something with them in the future?

Of course, there is a lot more than this to figure out if you really love someone but I think this is a good first indicator.

I hope this helps!


Love always,